Wheels of Progress

The Wheels of Progress were an adventuring group that gained major fame and fortune around 70 years ago. Their final quest was to defeat the great red wyrm Infyrana, an ancient dragon who teleported her mountain home from dimension to dimension, sapping a location dry before moving on. The untold riches in Infyrana’s horde were used by the Wheels, who were largely followers of Erathis, to rebuild the infrastructure of Ionia, which at that time was in economic, racial, and political upheaval. As a result of the leadership and wisdom of the Wheels, Ionia grew to be a strong nation once again.

The membership and character traits of the members of the Wheels are widely known. They are legends in Ionia and surrounding nations, and there is no bard on the continent who doesn’t have at least a few rousing tales of the Wheels in his repertoire. Their names have even become a part of the casual terminology in the nation (“Man, the new mayor really wants to Imperius-up the place. Look at the new merchant area he’s building.”). Any of the Wheels’ names are popular names for parents to give their kids, as well… often as a middle name. So it would not be uncommon for a wizard school to have a John Malachi Smith, a Mestiza Jones, a Malachi Moonriver, and a Sally Mestiza Hughes all in the same class. Whatever I’ve written about the characters is just basic knowledge… feel free to imagine any number of (possibly ridiculous and impossible) legends to bolster these basic facts (“I hear Mirt once stole the gaze off a basilisk, then sold it to a blind demon along with a fake magic mirror… and that’s where that demon statue came from.”). That’s the thing about legends… they’re all true if you believe them to be.

(King) Titus Imperius, Paladin of Erathis
Alexia Do’Arten, Cleric of Erathis
Jadzia Hammerfast, hammer-wielding ranger
(Archmagus) Malachi Johnson, brilliant wizard
Mestiza Ferana, warlock and sage
Mirt (the money-lender), rogue extraordinaire

In the 60+ years since the Wheels’ last adventure, most of the members have either died or moved on. Though the surviving members are certainly findable in the course of the game (though some are more easily-located than others), they are not really in their “adventuring prime” anymore. Most are in the last years of life, or are busy with responsibilities of their current positions.

Wheels of Progress

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