Metal and muscle, skin and soldering, warforged appear to be harder, better, faster, stronger than any race that is merely flesh. They appear built to be better, in fact. The truth is unknown to all, though.

If you play a warforged, you’re going to have some gaps in your memory. That’s just the way they work in this world. The mechanical constructs known as Warforged are extremely rare (maybe 1 per 500,000 other folks), but tend to wash ashore in coastal cities. Occasionally they have been known to appear in wreckage when a shooting star crashes to the ground. Often their arrival is seen as a bad omen by locals, and their own lack of complete knowledge of where they came from makes this even worse.

Many Warforged, lacking any long-term memories to drive them, take up jobs doing whatever it appears they’re suited to do, or whatever feels natural. So the warforged working in the factories in western Ionia arrived there with hammers attached to a limb, or heat shielding built onto their chests. Those that become adventurers seem particularly built for whatever their class happens to be.

Warforged lead lonely lives, so rare that it’s possible they may never meet another of their kind. They are often referred to as “it” instead of any gender-specific pronoun, and they cannot procreate. The open-minded members of the rest of the world will let a warforged prove his worth in whatever it is he does before judging him, though the less-open-minded may just see a warforged as a suped-up catapult or other tool to be used and discarded.

Many warforged tend towards physical classes, though a few seek answers in the divine. Arcane & Primal warforged are the rarest of this rare race, and if you choose to play such a character, know that you will likely be the only one of your kind on the planet using those energies. Many warforged lead lives of seeking answers, though few will find them.

If you choose to play a Warforged, don’t worry. I’ve got a whole huge plot planned for where you actually came from, and why your memories are messed up, etc etc. But for now, know that you’re starting your career off a bit of a loner (though we can certainly come up with reasons to tie you to the rest of the group easily enough… maybe you proved yourself in battle alongside someone else in Captain Featherin’s brigade, or maybe one of the other PCs was the only one to befriend you and treat you like a person since you showed up here X years ago. Plenty of options).

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