Known as the City of Doors, the city of Sigil somewhat defies understanding.

As near as any scholar can tell, Sigil simultaneously co-exists in three separate places (The Astral Sea, The Elemental Chaos, and the Outlands), and has portals within it that can lead to any location anywhere.

Rulership: No one knows exactly what The Lady of Pain is, but her rule over Sigil is absolute. It is said that she is strong enough to gods, demons, and primordials out of her city, and wise enough to make each want to enter to seek her counsel. She allows many armies of many races to use her city’s portals, though the exact prices she charges are unknown to any who would speak of them.

Violence in the city itself is usually kept to a minimum, though it is not uncommon for various armies to use The Outlands as a conflict site for battles over a small neighborhood within Sigil.



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