Maybe it’s a touch of lycanthrope blood, or maybe it’s an animal spirit that infused your tribe, but for some reason your family has been able to take on an animal aspect, revealing a feral nature that makes you more of a beast than the humans you sometimes pretend to be. When you shift, your features take on aspects similar to either a wolf or large cat. You don’t actually become an animal or grow a tail or anything, but you move and act more like your affiliated animal nature, and maybe you’re a bit hairier than normal humans.

Shifters tend to organize in family groups or small tribes or packs. Many will even try to pass for normal humans most of the time.

Stats & Stuff

Size: M
Speed: 6
Vision: Low-Light
Language: Common, choice of 1 other

LONGTOOTH (canine)
Abil: +2 Str, +2 Wis
Skill: +2 Athletics, +2 Endurance
Power: Longtooth Shifting Power
…….Encounter, Healing…Minor Action
…….Requirement: you must be bloodied
…….Effect: Till the end of the encounter, you gain +2 damage. While bloodied, you also have
……………regeneration 2 (lvl 11 = regen 4; lvl 21 = regen 6)

RAZORCLAW (feline)
Abil: +2 Dex, +2 Wis
Skill: +2 Acrobatics, +2 Stealth
Power: Razorclaw Shifing Power
…….Encounter…………Minor Action
…….Requirement: you must be bloodied
…….Effect: Till end of encounter, your speed increases by 2, and you gain +1 to AC & Reflex

Shifter-Specific Feats

- Wild Senses: +3 initiative, roll twice when following tracks
- Gorebrute Charge: +3 damage on Charges while using Longtooth Shifting
- Blurring Claws: +2 damage vs. Combat Advantage while using Razorclaw Shifting

Stuff My Racist Relatives Say

“Child, why are you seeking to mate with that Human? They can never be like us. They can never know the mind of a predator. You should stick to your own kind.”

“Elves & Eladrin are too concerned with their high societies to truly know what it is to belong to the forest. In the dark of the jungle, it is our eyes that the elves see hunting them.”

DOG??? You’d let that wannabe dragon call you a dog? You should rip out his throat and tear the scales from his flesh before you mark him as another spot in your territory of superiority.”

Dark Secrets

There are many Shifters who give in to their animal natures and seek out true lycanthropes to turn them into were-wolves or were-tigers. This is called “Surrendering to the Call of the Wild” among Shifters, but it isn’t talked about with outsiders.

Shifters aren’t a particularly well-documented phenomenon, so they’re not sure if there might be other “types” of shifters out there. There are rumors that a bullish shifter race once existed, but when they all gave in to the Call, they became minotaurs.

While the full moon doesn’t actually have any mechanical effect on the way Shifters operate, many shifters venerate Sehanine, the moon goddess, for fear that the full moon may actually take them one night and make them into monsters.

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