The various long-term tasks the party has been asked to complete.

Rescue (& cure) Kyone COMPLETED
The party succeeded in rescuing the half-drow, half-eladrin wizard Kyone, who was then infected by Lolth’s power. Fortunately, the party was able to help the Popess of Light banish the Spider Queen’s energy, making Kyone into a valuable ally.

Revive the World Tree
The ghost of the dryad of one of the first trees ever asked you to wake her tree up for her. The tree has been petrified since the time of the Dawn War, though, so options are kind of limited on this one. Praxis/Lisa did take a shaving of the tree, though, in the hopes of doing something with it.

Deliver the Bodies of Dead Soldiers
The party took on the responsibility of delivering the bodies of dead soldiers to their homes throughout the realms. The list of bodies is here.

Help Out Mother Yew
Mother Yew, a druid in the Ionian town of Oakenfold, has sent two messages to the party, requesting their help on “a delicate matter of great import”. She says that the need is somewhat pressing, but the meaning of that is hard to determine, given her somewhat slowed tree-person perception of time.


Different world-wide unknown quantities that have plagued sages for ages. Chances are you won’t ever discover the details behind all of these. Also, there are a few party mysteries that need solving as well.

What Links Akara & Praxis?
It’s been clear from fairly early on that there is something connecting the lives and destinies of the human Praxis (played by Lisa) and the deva Akara (played by Valarie). So far these are the links they’ve found:

  • Praxis’ mentor, the elderly deva Ararial, died on the exact same day Akara reincarnated in Ironhammer. His final words were “I know you told me I shouldn’t eat all those mushrooms, Mistress Smarty-britches; now simmer down, do, and pass me my bottle of Fey Ale.” Akara showed up in Praxis’ life riding a cart full of mushrooms, entering the town where Fey Ale originated.
  • After saving the children of Fisherman’s Wharf from undead, a child gave Praxis the sword & journal of her dead grandmother, a Paladin named Lady “Six” Arpaggio, and her meeting with a freshly-reincarnated deva Ararial around 80 years ago.
  • Outside Waterdeep, the astrologer Centauri found strong connections in both Praxis & Akara to the Twin Dragons constellation, suggesting that their lives are somehow intertwined.
  • When the warforged Mecha Unit Delta gained his soul back and reanimated after he and Karath were stuck in the Vecna Book, he had eyes like a deva and appeared to recognize Akara, calling her by the name “Arkara-el”, before his system rebooted and he went back to his normal personality.
  • Their departed ally Karath had an old journal from the time of Nerath that detailed the adventures of a deva elementalist named Air-Ariel and her scoundrel human friend Prakesh, a rogue of very sly persuasions.
  • The Rakshasa Kalarel has told Akara on multiple occasions that she used to be an angel of assassination named Arkara-el, serving with him under the goddess Lusemnee. Of course, he’s a trickster and a liar, so that “truth” many require some grains of salt.
  • In the Vault of the Plague Doctor, the party came upon the remains of the male deva Dr. Arkham, and the facility recognized Akara as that doctor. They also saw the undead form of a small child who looked like he could have been a younger brother of Praxis.
  • In the basement of the Vault of the Plague Doctor, the party found a large painting that of two people who looked a lot like Akara & Praxis. It was titled “False Prophesy: The Death of Zehir” and the signed artist’s name Anohk, whom Nikolai recognized as a revenant deva sage.
  • In the dream world of Jak’s mind, Akara appeared as a dark angel with tiger eyes and a large, curvy assassin-type sword sticking blade-first out the front of her torso (hey, not unlike the blade she’s holding in the painting… huh. Must be a coincidence.).

Why Does Ginger Look Exactly Like An Assassin?
It’s a decent question. Why does Ginger look identical to the now-dead pixie assassin known as “The Little Death”? While we’ve theorized that it might be a fey magic thing, or maybe a long-lost sibling thing, there have been no conclusive answers found yet.

What Happened to Nikolai’s Lost Brother?
At this point, we know that Nikolai’s brother Osip, who was lost in their childhood, is alive and working with a group of military Dragonborn called “Detham’s Legion”. Last we knew, they were somewhere in the Underdark. Related: Ambassador Tsepes, whose ring Nikolai now wears, was the grand-uncle of Legatus Detham, who leads the Legion.

Who Killed Fury’s Sister?
While we haven’t gotten into this much yet (mainly because I’m waiting for more background from Greg), the tiefling Fury has a sister who’s been dead at least a year, and she is still looking for the person(s) to bring vengeance against.

What is Jak’s Weird Connection to Fire?
Another thing we’ll develop later, but certain powerful creatures (namely Baba Yaga) refered to the tiefling Jak as “fire itself”, though he seemed reluctant to accept such a title. His reflection in the mirror while his soul was trapped in the dream world was also one of fire. Maybe it’s just a tiefling thing, or maybe he knows more than he’s said so far…

What Effects Will Bane’s Appearance in the Prime Material Have?
Probably not anything you’ll have to worry about. Just breaking contracts or realities set in place after the Dawn War. Nothing big. Go about your business.

How Do The Red Wizards Use Airships?
When he returned to his body, Mecha Unit Delta told a tale of the Thayan Lich Valindra Shadowmantle and the massive airship upon which she was trying to create “boneforged” soldiers which combined the strengths of warforged and undead… but it was unclear how they got an airship to work consistently without drawing impossibly high amounts of magical power as it did so. Almost as if it was one of the airships of old

What Was the Great Cataclysm?
The world-changing event happened about 1000 years ago, and people are still debating what, exactly, happened between Arkhosia & Bael Turoth. Whatever it was, it was enough to destroy the two nations, alter the reality of the weave of magic across the world, and send echoes into every nearby dimension as well.

What’s Up With the Warforged?
The strangely ensouled automatons known as “”/campaign/joelastowski/wikis/warforged" class=“wiki-page-link”> Warforged" are said to fall from the sky, though none seem to have any memories of where they came from. They often have body parts suited to particular tasks, and take up occupations related to what they seem built to do.
UPDATE1: The PC wizard Karath was researching this topic as his thesis to graduate from the Arch Magirium. He did some research into the body of the de-souled Mecha Unit Delta, but didn’t get very far, other than noting that a dragon statue placed inside the torso altered shape to become more serpentine. Before he lost his own soul, Karath also mentioned that there was another student from the school somewhere in the Prime Material Plane researching the same topic.
UPDATE2: When he was resouled, Mecha Unit Delta had eyes like a deva and appeared to recognize Akara before his system reset and he went back to being his old self.

Who Are the Lords of Waterdeep?
The twelve individuals who control the government in Waterdeep keep their identities secret, hidden behind masks. The one open lord is known to all, but the rest are rumors… though the party has learned the identity of 4 others in addition to the Open Lord…
Piergeron Paladinson III: Human male, the Open Lord. Known to the general public as a Lord of Waterdeep.
Khelben “Blackstaff” Ahroun: Human male, Archmage of the city
Lady Azalea Moonbow: Elf female, Founder of Harpers & girls’ school headmistress
Marius Commonman: Halfelf male, passionate anti-government speaker
Elanna Mirtdaughter: Deva female, fmr assistant to Mirt.

Who is the Elder Elemental Eye?
Many cultists will draw power from an entity known as the Elder Elemental Eye, but few (if any) know what this being actually is. Is it a primordial? a god? an Outsider? a fey lord? a demon? a different being wearing a false face? a collective hallucination? The world may never know.

What Ever Happened to King Ironhammer & His Army?
Around 880 AC, the dwarven king of Ionia and a huge army marched on the undead nation of Atramor to the west, and COMPLETELY DISAPEARED. Though that was over 100 years ago, there are still dwarves in Ionia who look to the west and the return of their lost king. Did they become undead? Did they all die? Were they teleported elsewhere? Are they connected to stories of the “Phantom Brigade” seen marching at night through the Nentir Vale? What about the undead army they marched against? Both armies seem to have disappeared, and no one seems to know what happened, though there are plenty of folks willing to offer theories.



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