Training in this skill means that you know how the natural world works. Scientists, artists, woodsmen, hunters, druids, herbalists, farmers… they all have reason to know the Natural ways.

With training in this skill, you have the chance to make checks on a number of things that untrained characters just simply won’t know. These include:
- general behavior patterns of any natural critter
- general knowledge about natural critters (for these purposes, “natural” is per the monster manual heading, so it includes things like Owlbears, which are not natural in our world)
- area knowledge in natural settings (the sort of stuff you’d see in a hiker’s guide book… “this area has mountain lions, this one has wyverns, etc.)
- plant/herb knowledge (which berries to eat, which will heal, which can be used as poisons, etc)
- tell-tale signs of oncoming weather (the sort of stuff you’d read in an almanac… “If the caterpillars crawl on the west side of sumac trees on the equinox, snow will arrive soon”)

With training in Nature, you also have general knowledge of the sort of Natural spirits that inhabit forests, and have a general feel for things that are “not right”, i.e., aberrations and other creatures from outside this reality.

Even without training in the skill, you can still make Nature checks to do a number of things related to Nature. Those with training will just be better at them. These include:
- handling/calming animals
- making shelter in the woods
- foraging for food/water in natural settings
- knowing basic nature safety things (if there’s a lightning storm, don’t hang out next to that tree)

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