The monsters of legend, minotaur adventurers fight a constant battle between man and beast, their two natures clashing within. Many minotaurs will either give in to their more feral natures, or become so disciplined at controlling them that they appear detached and hard to get close to.

Minotaur religion is also a mixed bag, with many following whatever god will offer acceptance and power. There are “evil” minotaurs who have worshipped a variety of awful gods, though many have also fallen prey to the madness of various aberrant and Outsider species (mind-flayers, aboleths, etc.). Their lack of acceptance in “civilized, good” society has lead many to become mercenaries or brigands, and large tribes of minotaurs have found alliance with the Orcs in the Hordelands, which does nothing to improve social relations with minotaurs in the civilized world.

Most of the stuff your racists relatives say are snarls and foaming at the mouth. “Minotaur society” is kind of an oxymoron, unless you’re talking about the evil hordes of minotaurs who wish to trap the world in Baphomet’s eternal maze.

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