Melora's Womb

The lush a life-filled waterway known as Melora’s Womb is often called “the place where life begins”. It is always overflowing with fish, plancton, birds, plants, amphibians, and any other natural creatures you can imagine.

It is said that waters from Melora’s Womb can be used to revive land that has been dead and salted, so that it will once again grow crops. Certain farmers will pay top dollar to have waters from The Womb shipped to their farms to promote better growth. The forests, fields, swamps, and towns around the Womb are likewise teeming with life.

Religion & Speculation
It is said that Melora’s avatar walks on the waters of The Womb from time to time, or that other great forest spirits dwell here (think Princess Mononoke and the giant boars & wolves). Fey Lords and other nature-based persons will make pilgrimages to this lake, seeking the favor of the Goddess of All Nature.

Some say that Melora’s avatar changes form at night, or that darker forces of nature gather in the moonlight on equinoxes or solstices, but these tales are often told by those unfamiliar with the ways of forest creatures, so their truthfulness can hardly be confirmed.

Since Melora’s “church” is really just a collection of nature lovers and druids, there is no single “high priest” or other authority of the faith… though this area serves as a meeting point for any prominent clergy who seek the counsel of their peers and the chance to commune with their goddess more directly.

That the people of Pax Humana have managed to capitalize on the limitless fish and game in the area around The Womb is a point of contention among many druids and other forest-folk. However, the Paxans claim that whatever they can claim through human ingenuity is their rightful property, and no non-human force that has claimed otherwise has been able to force them to stop.

The pulsing life force of The Womb also seems to keep the often necromantically-inclined Thayans from pushing any farther than The Womb. It is even reported that Thay exports waters from The Womb to more desolate cities within Thay to keep the people alive and healthy.

The Sankh Kingdom has a ritual bathing in the Womb for any newly-appointed ruler, that they may be reborn to make decisions that will promote life and health to the people of their nation.


Melora's Womb

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