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The heroes of legend are ancient and dying. New threats are rising up every day. Stories of the heroes of olde aren’t good enough anymore. It’s time for some new heroes to fight the growing darkness.

Important Links

INDEX… Everything I’ve made a page for on this site, indexed alphabetically.

Character Generation … details on races, classes, themes, backgrounds, and most everything else related to creating a character in this world.

A Bard’s Tale… the tales of long lost things you might want to quest after. While some of the game will be me throwing plots at you, much of it can also be driven by your characters’ desires to explore and find things you’re looking for.

Astrology… A description of major star systems and the astrological beliefs tied to them in our world.

Books… a listing of the various tomes (and other documents) y’all have come across in your travels.

Gear… the various magic items in possession by members of the party.

Enemies & Allies … Some of the recurring folks you’ve met along the way.

Gods… in a world where demons and monsters are real, religion is an important part of many people’s lives. Here’s a list of the good (and bad) gods that might be trying to influence things behind the scenes. Much of this is general knowledge, though training in Religion will certainly tell you more than the cliff notes versions you’ll find here.

Groups… A listing of worldwide organizations for good or ill (or just for profit).

House Rules… little tweaks to our game that we might try out. Also, home-grown feats and other fun stuff.

Locations… A list of known continents, nearby realms/dimensions, countries, and other places worth knowing about. Sub-pages will be added as the locations become relevant to the party (and/or as Streetwise checks are made requesting info about each place).

Monsters… a list of the monsters you’ve run into in your travels. Will be updated after each session so that y’all have sort of a running list of the bad things you’ve encountered, with additional information given based on the success of Monster Knowledge checks made at the time of the encounter.

Music… a look at some of the musical styles and/or instruments common to different races and regions of the world.

Quests & Mysteries… the tasks the party has been given, and the big unknowns that the party may be able to unravel.

Schools… A listing of famous schools around the world (and in nearby dimensions).

Skills… While the utilitarian skills are somewhat self-explanatory, this page has sub-pages for each of the Knowledge-based skills ( Arcana, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, Religion), and the sort of things you’ll know if you’re trained in them.

World History… a general history of the world your characters live in. Thanks to the Ionian education system, PCs can all start off with this info as general knowledge, even without training in the History skill. Though, of course, training in History will give you much more than just this info. Also of note: the History of Our Game.

Links… Other cool sites with gaming stuff you might like.

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