House Rules

This will be a listing of rules tweaks, new feats, etc that I’ll be throwing into our game. If they don’t work, we can always change them.

New Feats

Awesome Human
Prerequisites: level 21, human
Benefit: You can spend two action points in an encounter, but only one per turn. You must have the APs stored-up to spend, mind you.

Devil’s Tongue
Prerequisite: Tiefling
Benefit: You gain a +4 feat bonus to Bluff & Intimidate checks vs. creatures of non-evil alignments. There is a faint smell of brimstone in the air when you do, though.

Draconic Heritage
Prerequisite: Dragonborn with either dragonbreath or dragon fear racial power
Benefit: You gain access to the other dragonborn racial power (breath or fear). In combat, you can choose to use either one or the other as your racial encounter power (but not both in the same encounter, unless you use the Racial Epitome feat or a similar effect). Dragonfear was originally printed in Dragon 388, and is reprinted on the Dragonborn page.

Leafy Soul
Some strange encounter or connection with nature or plants left a mark on your mind.
Prerequisite: Con 13 or Wis 13
Benefit: You gain +1/2/3 (based on tier) feat bonus to Will, and Resist Poison 5/10/15 (based on tier).
NOTE: This is a reskinning of the Frozen Soul feat from Heroes of Shadow.

Memory of Evil Lives
Prerequisite: Deva
In one of your previous lives, you were a Rakshasha. Though you’re not necessarily evil this time around, you somehow remember how to use the power from that dark lifetime.
Benefit: Outside of combat, you can use the Rakshasha’s “Deceptive Veil” power (see Monster Manual) as a daily power.
NOTE: Possession of this power is not something most Deva advertise to other Deva, for obvious reasons.

Racial Epitome
Prerequisite: must have a racial power
Benefit: You can spend an action point and, instead of taking another action, you gain an additional use of a racial power during this encounter. Spending an AP in this way does count against your #-of-Action-Points-spendable-per-encounter limit.

Sharpened Horns
Prerequisite: race with horns
Benefit: Your charge attacks deal ’+2 damage (+4 at level 11, +6 at level 21).

Stop the Flow of Blood
Prerequisite: a healing power that grants at least one additional die of healing
Benefit: When you use a healing power (like Healing Word) on a bloodied target, any additional dice of healing are maximized. For example, if your Healing Word heals a healing surge value + 1d6, it would heal the full 6 extra hit points when used on a bloodied target. This only applies to actual HP healed, not to temporary HP.

Thayan Circle Magic
Prerequisites: arcane class, trained by practitioner, DM approval
Benefit: You can engage in Thayan circle magic with other casters who have this feat. A circle may choose one of the following options:
- Cost of circle-cast rituals is decreased by 10% per each supporting caster over 2 to a minimum of 10% of the original cost (a 90% savings).
- An additional d6 of damage may be added to any circle-cast attack spell for each additional supporting caster over 3 in the circle (max +10d6).
- Saves vs effects from circle-cast spells are at a -1 per supporting caster over 4 in the circle (max -5)
- the number of undead created through circle-casting may be increased by 2 per healing surge spent by a successfully supporting member of the circle.
When Circle magic is cast, a primary person makes the check/spell etc, and the rest assist. The chosen effect from this feat is based on the number of casters who successfully assist this check/spell.

True Gith
Prerequisite: Githzerai or Githyanki
Benefit: You gain the use of the other gith branch’s racial power. In any combat, you can use either Iron Mind or Telekinetic Leap as your racial encounter power (but not both in the same encounter, unless you use the Racial Epitome feat or a similar effect).


Action Points

I recently listened to a broadcast of a DM seminar they ran at GenCon, and a lot of discussion time was given to the idea of action points and how to prompt players not to be so stingy with them. Here are some ideas they threw out, all of which I’m curious to discuss, if you’re up for it:
1 – any actions done with an action point in the first round of combat get a +1 bonus (to attack, damage, skills, whatever). This represents the surge of adrenaline everyone gets at the beginning of a fight, before the combat has worn you down.
2 – action points can be used to (instead of getting an extra action) recharge a spent power (Encounter or Daily). Some of the daily ones are pretty wreck, though, so maybe we’d only try it for Encounter powers. Then again, there’s a half-elf feat that lets you do this, too.
3 – action points can be sacrificed as an additional healing surge, or can be used to allow a healing surge to be spent. This sounds mostly useful for parties that take a lot of damage, or have few healers.
4 – Depending on the round you spend it in, the powers you can use with an action point decrease… First round = any power; Second round = non-daily powers; 3rd round = only at-will powers. This feels a bit restrictive to me, and also requires more bookkeeping.

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House Rules

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