The farmer/rancher collective known as Farmville is a bit of a contradiction, yet somehow it survives (and even… thrives?). They are a nation of hard-workers, with numerous assets (food) that are desirable to all… yet they have no military. They have a fairly small influx of immigrants, yet have no strong border policies. There is clearly more going on here than is initially apparent, yet the majority of folks in other nations simply smile and enjoy the influx of food they can readily purchase. Why question a system that obviously works so well?

The nation of Farmville sprung up about 100 years ago, though no one can lay an exact founding date down in any history book. Many nations have enjoyed their foodstuffs in the time since the nation appeared, though. Prior to the founding of Farmville, the area was just a bunch of random towns scattered across the countryside.

Perhaps 40% human, 40% halfling, and 20% gnome/half-elf/dwarf. Perhaps 80% of the population are laborers of some sort (farmers, ranchers, etc). The remaining 20% are support staff of some sort or another, supporting the communities that have sprung up around the farmers & ranchers.

There are a great many large farms/plantations/families in Farmville, and most nations have a contract with one of them. It is believed that they have some sort of over-arching collective that oversees the whole nation, though no one (that we know of) has ever claimed to be a ruler of the nation. Erathans of other nations often theorize that it must be some sort of socialist collective that rules the nation, or perhaps a group of collective bargaining groups allowing different labor unions to interact with one another.

It is known that the various equinoxes and solstices are celebrated as holidays, as are other important agricultural events, like the first frost, the first harvest, etc. It is believed that Melora must have a strong church here, and likely some of the halfling gods and other hearth/home/cooking gods. But again, most people just don’t pay attention to the details of this sort of thing.

Places of Note
The Culinary Institute: Known far and wide as the greatest cooking school in the world, the Culinary Institute benefits from having fresh crops of just about every plant you could think about cooking with, as well as most every edible animal kept in large quantities. It is said that competitions between master chefs at this Institute reach epic proportions, with combatants facing off cooking dishes with secret ingredients in a specially-prepared arena known as Kitchen Stadium. Ale’ Cuisine!

The Dark Woods: Technically west of this nation and not an actual part of Farmville, the Dark Woods nonetheless play a heavy role in the culture of Farmvillians. Kids are told stories of the awful things in the Dark Woods that might come to get them if they don’t do their chores. The most common curse is “Dark Woods take you”, though it is always said with a faint hint of fearful whisper. Festivals are always well-lit, with the idea that light keeps away darkness, and darkness carries with it the influence of the Dark Woods. Outside of Farmville, the Dark Woods are known to be home to covens of witches and a few of the more separatist factions of Treants, as well as a number of bogs and other nasty critters, all of which contribute to the general sense of unease about this place. Also, it is said that the trees grow so thick that most of the ground in these woods never sees sunlight, and plants and creatures have evolved to dwell in eternal shade. There are also numerous stories about these woods, though their truth is up to interpretation, as it is with any bard’s tale.



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