Enemies and Allies

Throughout the course of the game, there are those who see the party as heroes, and those who have… other thoughts about the party. Here’s a brief listing of some of the major friends, foes, and “other folks” who are out there in the world.


Centauri… an old human astrologer and member of the Star League, Centauri was rescued/revived by the party on the way to Waterdeep, then read everyone’s star charts, providing more questions than answers. He’s invited the party to come visit him at the Star League’s headquarters in Kislev, if they’re ever around.

Coventry – Lady Hammermain-Goldeneye… Dwarven Lady of the Hammermania district, also sister to Jethro Goldeneye, the perpetually unlucky gambler. While her husband died, you did what you could to bring her closure, and enabled her to take charge of her district to start running things efficiently again. Also sent the ex-Hunter Shadrach and several ailing fey folk (including Kyone) to this district for recovery.

Coventry – Lord Gortonsalt, et al… Halfling Lord of the Cannery Coast district. Not only did you return creativity to his realm, but you also (mostly) saved it from an insane druid and her summoned primordial fingers. His assistant, the half-elf Bob Mapleleaf, is standing in his stead while Gortonsalt mourns the death of his entire family.

Empty Aviary & Mother Superior Mary Eunice… The Eladrin head of the home for the perpetually unravenous met privately with Akara, and revealed that she’s sort of a regional supervisor for Avengers of the Raven Queen on the eastern side of the continent. While expressing concern over the strangely white feather token of the avenger Sickle, she had a closet with perhaps 30 other black feather tokens for other agents in the field.

Gilraith Featherin… currently the Mayor of Altair (in Ionia) and former commanding officer over Nulath & Nikolai, Gilraith is the elvish son of the founder of Featherin Ale, which makes the popular dwarven/elvish hybrid “Fey Ale”. He’s wealthy, he’s got decent political connections, he’s got decent military connections, and he likes the party. Those are all good things to file away in case you ever need assistance.

The IT Crowd… Two members of the Interdraconic Thaumaturgy division of the Cormyrean wizard schools, Roy is a former member of the school Karath went to, and Moss Treeman is a wilden with a penchant for mushrooms. They are set-up in the Hunting Grounds, an area of the Underdark with many dragons. With the party, they were able to somewhat recreate Malachi Jones’ famous stability matrix around Kyone, but diffusing divine energy instead of changing Chaos to Law. They even published a paper about it afterward, which spawned much debate in various academic circles.

Lady Artania Silverlight… an ancient creature who appears in the guise of a matronly eladrin woman, Lady Artania has told the party that she is actually the last of a race of dragons that had innate psychic & self-altering abilities. You know that she was attached to Myth Drannor before the fall, that she was instrumental in the building of Helmsgard, and that she helped you by impersonating the dead Mirt at the thief guild challenge before his death was widely known. She is known to have holdings in Waterdeep, though her actual home is somewhere in Kislev (probably near the ruins of Helmsgard). She also took the young wizard Ginger under her wing (so to say) and trained her before sending her to the party as a courier.

Meepo… the (tragic) kobold paladin of Pelor who now runs the Monastery of the Setting Sun in Dambrath. His family was eaten by the Vampiric Gold Dragon Sunbeam, but he supposes that he should work extra hard now to honor their memory.

The Mithral Arm… a team of five Mithral Dragons and their attending soldiers, this group violently and militarily opposes the actions of Tiamat and chromatic dragons. The party met one member and performed a pleasing song for him during a bardic competition. Then you rescued the Egg of Io, and the entire Arm showed up to rescue the egg, reward the party, and destroy any remains of the Vault of the Plague Doctor (which later became a site to a church of Bane… but that was hardly the dragons’ fault.

Radiant Embers Grandmaster Sol… an earth genasi monk who is also a vampire and head of the Glare Unit of the Dambrath military, the party made friendly with this master monk when they worked together to slay the paladin gold dragon Sunbeam, who had been made vampiric further up that mountain. They also delivered the body of one of his soldiers to him.

Ssussun Beluth… the Drow Avenger of Pelor started off at-odds with the party (what with his men accidentally killing Scout’s brother), but his aide in the fight against the ghost orc invasion of Dambrath and his subsequent help with the incident involving the assassination of the Popess of Pelor sort of smoothed things over. When last we saw him, he was serving as the town priest in Verdant Fields in northern Coventry.

Titus Imperius, King of Ionia… Remember that time when the party exposed the lying tiefling mayor of Altair and the old guy who called him out on it and vaporized his body with holy radiant breath turned out to be the King of Ionia? Yeah, he does too.


Archangel of Pelor… During that whole ritual where the dark energy was pulled out of the egg of Io, there was an archangel of Pelor who possessed Jimmy’s body and tried to stop the party, at least until it was stopped by shadow arrows shot from Jimmy’s dad (see below). As the angel dissipated back into astral essence, though, it cursed the party, which isn’t a good thing, typically. There may, in fact, be some solar-related vengeance coming at the party at some point in the future as a result.

Kalarel/Blackheart Deathclaw… a rakshasa who frequently wears the face of an elven pirate captain, Kalarel has revealed to the party that he is tied to Akara… that they both used to be angels of assassination serving under the now-dead goddess Lusemnee. He has frequently done just enough to annoy the party, while constantly trying to tempt Akara to give up her silly ideas of honor and justice and join him in the infinitely more fun darker side of being a deva.

Misters Krup & Vandemaar… Two minotaur zealots of Baphomet who have openly told the party of their plans to lead a new minotaur nation up from hiding to overthrow the orcish hordes and sweep across the world. They’ve also looked into possibly taking over Coventry after the undead rise there. While always cordial with the party (they even tried to recruit Nulath a couple times), they are definitely not good people, and the fact that they worship the demon lord of beasts doesn’t tend to endear them to y’all. Oh, right, and there was also that prophetic(?) dream Art had about Nulath being trapped in a giant maze while being chased by a demon minotaur… that might have had something to do with these two “gentlemen” as well.

Mr. Lee… Leralak Asah’skar Eht Y’lter’ces (or at least that’s what he claims his name is) has always been cordial to the party, though he is a devil who barters in souls, so the party hasn’t been necessarily willing to work with him much. He did offer some great help to the once party member Art Zoe, and enabled some of the party to travel to the Elemental Chaos to recover contracts that revealed part of her past (gaining others that helped him as well). But he also gave the disgruntled druid Elmyra the ability to summon the power of a storm primordial, so we’ll keep him in the villain camp for right now. Plus he’s always wearing those dark (John Lennon-esque) sunglasses, so you know he’s hiding something. Oh, and there’s the fact that he uses illusions to appear to have well-manicured nails, when it is clear that he actually has large claws of some sort.

Valindra Shadowmantle… a lich from Thay, Valindra has been tangentially attached to the main goings-on of the party several times. She was present at the Murder Machine trial of Scout in Waterdeep, and it turned out that the Vecnal Book stole Karath & M.U.D.‘s souls and put them in constructs of her creation (though she didn’t realize it). The party knows that she’s trying to take control of Thay, that she has an airship fortress, and that she’s working on creating some sort of “boneforged” that will be a hybrid of Warforged & undead: all their strengths, none of their weaknesses. She’s also a great-grand something to one of the Coventry Lords, though apparently their family ties are not strong.

Yaxavanda… also called “The Widowmaker”. One of the Yochlol handmaidens of the Spider Queen, Lolth, Yaxavanda orchestrated the abduction of Kyone in the first story arc, also infecting her with Lolthy badness. The party hasn’t seen much of her since they left the Lolthbound Goblin village of WebDrink in the Underdark, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still scheming. Nikolai included her name in a song about the party’s heroics, and Lady Artania (see above) did mention off-handedly that Yaxavanda was likely the youngest of the handmaidens, eager to “climb the web” in any way possible to prove herself.

Zira… the head of the shadow-infused assassins guild Kargatane, the dark fey Zira had a special relationship with Scout, before he defeated a mortal incarnation of her in the body of the old casino head in Solaria. She is also known to have had contracts forged with the Prince of Shadows, and to have tried (unsuccessfully) to barter for control of the dark creature Ambassador Tsepes became during the “Egg Incident”. She’s been mostly uninterested in the party (it seems) since her defeat at the casino, but that doesn’t mean she’s not playing a long game and waiting for a time to strike back.

Other Folks

Angel of Oghma… Trapped in a hidden cave in the underdark, perpetually tortured by a servant of the torture god Torog, the angel Amitiel is in a re-occurring state of amnesia. She slowly recovers, regaining her memories and intense Knowledge (she did serve the first goddess of Truth & Knowledge), until some memories return that drive her crazy (likely the ones related to feeling her goddess die), causing her to beg her torturer-keeper Bazel-Bob (or just “Bob”) to whip her with his amnesia scourge, causing her mind to go blank and the cycle to repeat. Freeing the Angel was a quest that got activated then, not that much effort has been put towards that yet… except maybe mentioning the angel’s existence to Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga… While she has been mostly friendly to the party so far, esp with Ginger agreeing to be her granddaughter and all, the insane grandmother of all witches is not one you really want to let your guard down around. In each of her interactions with the party so far, she’s demanded payments.

Ghost of Io’s Angel… somehow tied to the bloodline of the former Ambassador Tsepes and his grand-nephew Legatus Detham, Nikolai consulted with this creature by calling it during the Egg of Io incident. It is unclear whether it cares about Nikolai or the party, or whether it was solely interested in protecting the egg.

Gnometech Industries… While they haven’t had any direct interaction with the party in an official capacity, y’all have come across a number of Gnometech devices in your travels, including a giant digging spider platform and the base model automaton that now serves Nikolai. The party also has the deeds to about a dozen souls from various gambling-addicted Gnometech representatives. What you do with those may play heavily into whether this group becomes a friend or foe.

Legatus Detham… While the party has yet to meet Legatus Detham or his mercenary army, Detham’s Legion, Nikolai has received multiple reports from multiple magic-folk that his long-lost brother, Osip, is serving under Detham in the legion. At last report, it seemed the legion might be moving to the Hunting Grounds in the Underdark to slay dragons.

Mother Yew… a druid back in the Ionian town of Oakenfold, Mother Yew (who is some sort of tree creature) has sent several requests to the party for help on a matter “of some concern”. The party has been slowly making its way in her direction, but whether they get there in time is a factor of how many side-quests you get distracted by and how her tree-person sense of time translates into words like “urgent”.

Gods You’ve Helped, Hindered, or Otherwise Been Connected To

Achra/Bane… You kind of summoned him to the prime material world, breaking the Primal Ban set forth at the end of the Dawn War. You also negotiated with him to hunt Dracula for eternity. Oh, and there’s that new holy site you created where the big church is being built.

Agni… The tiefling god of fire seems to speak to Jak, or manifest inside him, or something. Probably something important going on there.

Bahamut… Chances are decent that the Ambassador to ARKHOSIA!!! holds some weight in the Platinum Dragon’s church.

Dagon… Remember that shield that Nikolai carries around? Yeah, so does Dagon. And so does that ghost of his high priest that y’all LIED TO when you said you’d liberate Web Drink from the Spider Queen’s influence. But I’m sure there’s nothing risky about insulting & stealing from an elder horror with his own layer of the Abyss that is so bad none of the other elder horrors ever go there.

Dumathoin… The dwarven god of Secrets Under the Mountain did have a temple saved from Vecnites by you, and that effort also revealed hidden secrets to you, so you could probably take that as a sign of the big guy’s endorsement for the party. Not that he’d ever do it in an open, obvious way.

Io… Not that the ultimate dragon god has been reborn yet (world’s not ending, is it?), but your interactions with the Egg of Io probably put you in this monstrosity’s hypothetical good graces when it does, eventually, hatch.

Lolth… You did manage to piss off one of her handmaidens, and then you went head-to-head with her power in that ritual you did to free Kyone (with help from the Popess of Light). Chances are decent she’s at least aware of where you walk in her webs.

Lusemnee… Zehir’s dead daughter doesn’t have much to say to anyone these days. But the enduring potential connection to Akara does make her a bit of a factor in the game, still.

Melora… Not that it’s been a purposeful attack on her, but the party has been responsible for the death of two different druids at this point. Complete the hat trick, and her forces might start to notice.

Oghma… Not much to interact with her, what with Oghma being the first god to die in the Dawn War. But you do know where one of her angels is being perpetually tortured in the Underdark.

Pelor… On the one hand, you found the Popess of Light’s assassin (after also befriending said Popess), and you’ve got Jimmy with you, and everytime you reach into a bag of holding you praise Pelor to find what you need. On the other hand, an Archangel of Pelor did happen to curse you. It’ll probably all wash out in the end.

Raven Queen… With Akara’s servitude, you can be relatively sure that the RQ is on your side.

Tiamat… The goddess of evil dragons likely is not a fan of yours, what with stealing the Egg of Io from a facility dedicated to her. She probably doesn’t hold on to anger long, though. Does she?

Torog… The Crawling God of Torture cares little for you, probably, though you do know the location of one of his secret little projects (the Angel of Oghma’s torture room).

Vecna… You’ve fought the forces of Vecna a couple times, and helped to reveal some secrets that he probably wanted hidden, so chances are good the god of secrets would make no secret of his dislike for y’all.

Zehir… There was that monastery of Yuan-Ti that you all broke-up, and one of the famous Thirteen Coins of Killing that you recovered from there and gave into the care of the Church of Pelor. And you have yet to be assassinated, so it’s a reasonable bet that the God of Assassins has you on his list somewhere. Probably not too high on that list, yet, though if he sees a certain painting, that might change.

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Enemies and Allies

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