Children of the Forest, Elves are closely related to Eladrin, less-closely-related with Drow, and often looked to as the defenders of nature… at least by races like humans and halflings. While Eladrin have aligned with The Feywild and magic, Elves tend more towards physical connections with nature: running in the woods, hunter/prey relationships, migrations and seasons, and all the conservation/“protect nature” stuff you’d see on Captain Planet.

Elves tend to get along well with their Half-Elven cousins, and reasonably well with Eladrin. In the ancient war that split the Elvish race, Corellan and the Elves faced off directly against Lolth and the Drow, with the Elves forcing the Drow underground with the help of the Eladrin. In fact, it’s possible the Drow might have been eliminated right there, had not Lolth sent forces to Grummsh and his orcs saying that the Elves were weak from battle. The ensuing war bewteen Elves & Orcs allowed the Drow to retreat to the Underdark, and set up the famous battle where Corellan took out one of Grummsh’s eyes with an arrow. But that was thousands of years before the Cataclysm.

Modern-day elves have found their birth rates declining (though not as badly as the Eladrin), and find that often it is easier to breed with humans or half-elves than with other elves. No one is sure exactly why this is, though those who pay attention to such things believe it is a plot of the Spider Queen Lolth to weaken the Elven race.

Elves and dwarves have a tenuous relationship dating back to the time when the Gods roamed the land. Moradin Soulforger and his dwarves were supporting the beleaguered and exhausted elves in their war against the orcs when suddenly they diverted all their forces to fighting a giant uprising. While the dwarves felt justified in fighting their ancient foes the giants, the Elves felt somewhat abandoned, and talk of the cowardice of dwarves was not uncommon among the Elvish. This was turned on its head in Ionia when King Ironhammer was mustering forces for his attack on the undead in the west, as many Elves and Eladrin from Eastern Ionia would not join the Western (mostly dwarven) initiative.

Elves have varied views on other races. Some see Wilden as upstarts trying to usurp the traditionally elven role, while others view the creatures as much-needed allies in the fight against all things that would corrupt the forest. Some elves tell tales of the unnatural blight of lycanthropy, and are thus unwilling to work with Shifters, while others understand that one can have a closer connection to the bestial world without being a monster. There are elves who view Humans as the biggest blight on the natural world, while others see humans’ ingenuity as a model for old-fashioned elves to learn from… and still others see the rise in half-elf populations as a way of using human stock to strengthen elvish bloodlines.

Stuff My Racist Relatives Say

“Grummsh is so dumb he thought Vecna (undead god of secrets) was trying to copy him with the eye thing, but it’s not like he’d have any more brains even if he got that eye from Vecna.”

“If you beat a half-orc HALF to death, you still end up with a living human, which isn’t much of an improvement.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard of Drow who seek the sun. Trying to take good surface jobs from hard-working PROPER elves. If only the sun could burn Drow like it does vampires, then we’d all have less to worry about.”

“Okay, so those Wilden are like, tree-men who didn’t get the memo that we were already doing fine defending the forest on our own. They’re like chilren going through their petulent stage, except not nearly as cute as children.”

“Human women’ll spread their legs for anyone with a pointed ear, and human men lose all sense around a proper elvish woman. Might as well take advantage of the poor saps…”

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