Former Lords of the Feywild, the Eladrin of today are a little less “in charge” of things than they were in the days of yore. They remain possessed of the confidence and regal nature of their lordly past, but their numbers are fewer, and in the normal world they are often mistaken for their cousins the Elves. As the Feywild has become less hospitable, many Eladrin have been forced to flee their ancestral homelands. In many larger cities, Eladrin have completely cast aside their feywild pasts and joined the social elite of the modern metropolitan world. Like any upper class group, though, the haughtier among the Eladrin will tend to “not see” any Eladrin who don’t fit their ideal of what a Fey Lord should be.

Stuff My Racist Relatives Say

“Elves were once much closer cousins to us. But as they forgot they feywild, they found they had a yearning for mundane forests, yet did not remember the True Forests they had left behind on the other side.”

“If you ask a rolling stone and a moving dwarf to change course, the stone will heed your advice long before the dwarf will.”

“Shardmind adventurers are a sad excuse after their race failed at their first task of keeping the Outsiders OUT. They’re just playing catch-up now, but they should really have done a better job in the first place.”

“Humans are like a bland broth in an expensive soup shop. There’s far too much of it, and any time it mixes with a more interesting ingredient, it’ll dilute it. Just look at the half-elves if you don’t believe me.”

“Gnomes and halflings are pleasant folk, though certainly not fit for leadership. They embody the playful nature of young fairies in the Homeland, but they are too often limited by their incomplete magical capabilities. Halflings especially. In fact, if you ask me, a Halfling is just a Gnome who completely forgot his fey ancestry.”

“A half-orc? You mean to tell me that someone thought it wise to combine a human and an orc? That’s like mixing broken glass with acid and calling it a children’s toy. The LAST thing an orc needs it a human’s ambition driving him to greater chaos.”

Dark Secrets

The truth about the Eladrin empire in the Feywild is that it isn’t an Empire. In fact, many Eladrin are actually scared of the Feywild. A good half of their population was killed in the backlash from the Cataclysm that , and their birth rates have been low ever since. It is said that a nightmare can cause a pregnant Eladrin woman to miscarry in the Feywild. While it’s probably not THAT bad, the fear that such a rumor creates doesn’t make things any easier. It does also explain why so many Eladrin have taken up residence alongside their Elven brothers in the material world. Sure, there are still haughty Eladrin nobles who deny anything is wrong, and many folks in the material world still think that the Eladrin are lords of a great empire in the Feywild. But in truth, it’s a bunch of scattered fiefdoms, fighting off attacks from Fomor, fairy war bands, and darker things lurking in the woods.

Most Eladrin will, in mixed company, take offense at being called an Elf. “Clearly you are merely a human who cannot see the intrinsic differences between our sister races.” But in truth, it’s a term you all use with one another interchangably with “Eladrin”. In Elvish, the term Qu’ell Thellas translates to “The People” or “The True People”. And while that term is also used to describe the progenitor race that split into elf, eladrin, & drow, it’s also used in formal functions to describe any mixed group of elves, eladrin, and half-elves (and drow, in the very rare occasion that a “good” drow is seen somewhere).

There is a rumored court of Eladrin nobles who fled to the Shadowfell when things went bad in the Feywild. They are known as the Pale Court, and their descendants are still dwelling their in a dark mockery of the ancient Eladrin days of yore. They’re generally thought to be insane, evil, and/or necromancers. Most Eladrin are happy that they stay in their place out of everyone’s lives.

Some reactionary Eladrin who still serve the old Lords have formed a secretive assassin guild called the Twilight Phantoms. Nobody knows who they are, exactly, but it is rumored that they have sworn to never operate within the Feywild, instead slaying those in the material world whose deaths might help the old Eladrin Lords to regain their control of the Fey realms. They’re a spooky story that nobody tells too loudly, in case one of the Phantoms is listening.

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