[Because you have the original, and it has already been signed, you are able to read both the printed version and Ehkahk’s edited version (in italics) with a DC 20 Arcana check. Scout can also read Zira’s version (in bold) with a DC 20 Thievery check. Note that Zira’s version is written in the secret language of the Unseelie Fey]

Apex of the Emptiness, 666th year after the so-called Great Cataclysm

Ehkahk, Lord of Fume, Steward of Vezzuvu (hereafter referred to as Ehkahk), makes this contract freely and openly with Ziracosa of the Creeping Shadows, Sister and Rival to Mab, Acting Regent of Kargatane (hereafter referred to as Zira).

Whereas both Zira and Ehkahk have noted the powers possessed by the other, and
Whereas Ehkahk takes strength from and has a taste for the souls of evil men, and
Whereas Zira is frequently in a position wherein her organization, Kargatane, is liberating such souls from their mortal shells, and
Whereas Kargatane often finds its Shadow magics to be subject to wards from their assassination targets
Whereas subtle Elemental magics are generally less expected than subtle Shadow magics,

Zira and Ehkahk commit themselves to this agreement, binding in perpetuity [ upon Zira only ] [ upon Ehkahk only ] for a period of one thousand and one apexes of the Emptiness or until one or both parties is destroyed [ or Zira in any way betrays Ehkahk ] [ or Ehkahk falls out of favor with Zira ].

Ehkahk agrees to provide [ unfettered and complete ] access to smoke and fire based subtler magicks, including teleportation, concealment, and misdirection, directly from the realm of Fume and similar portions of the Elemental Chaos to Zira and Kargatane, in exchange for a payment in souls of Zira and Kargatane’s victims [ and of any members of Kargatane ] not previously required by a hiring Kargatane client.

Further, both Ehkahk and Zira’s home realms shall be offered as a haven to forces of the other in emergency circumstances, with additional reparations to be determined and agreed upon by both parties at the time based on length of stay and other factors.

Both parties agree to absolute secrecy regarding this contract, and an elimination clause shall be in effect should either party discover and have proof that the other divulged the nature of this agreement to any outside force not directly under the control of that party. [ “Elimination clause” shall mean the binding of Zira’s soul and the souls of all members of Kargatane to Ehkahk, for consumption, slavery, or other purposes. ] [ “Elimination clause” shall mean the forfeiture of all power to Zira, including magical essence, claims on realms of the Elemental Chaos, and any possessions of value as determined by Zira. ]

Further, agents of either party shall treat the other party as a respected noble, following orders of reasonable nature (up to, but not including, suicidal missions) from the other party while in that party’s realm or using that party’s resources. Both Zira and Ehkahk agree to an occasional exchange of some forces for specific tasks, with additional compensations to be determined and agreed-upon by both parties on an individual basis.

Both Ehkahk and Zira look forward to the mutually beneficial arrangement this contract signifies, and are eager to continue this cooperation for the period of the contract’s term.

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