[Because you have the original, and it has already been signed, you are able to read both versions with a DC 20 Arcana check. The contracts are mostly the same, except for the differences noted below.]

Summer Solstice, 14th year of Ruby Wizard Stewardship (NOTE: in modern dating, this puts the date about 50 years prior to the Great Cataclysm )

Ehkahk, Squire of the Smoking Realms, Servant of Vezzuvu’s Steward and Demon of Fire & Air (hereafter referred to as Ehkahk), makes this contract freely and openly with Keziah Parca de Zoe, Warlock of the Infernal Powers, 3rd daughter of the Parliament Steward Family of Bael Turoth (hereafter referred to as Keziah).

Whereas Keziah has noted the powers and gifts available from Ehkahk, and
Whereas Keziah, upon consultation with various oracles, has noted the longevity of Ehkahk’s survival, and
Whereas Keziah has further noted the likely increases of Ehkahk’s power, and
Whereas the attacks from the monstrous dragon-blooded barbarians of Arkhosia have increased over the past decades, and
Whereas Keziah has demonstrated an ability to wield the power of demons to great effect, and
Whereas access to such powers is greatly increased through bloodline connection to the source of these powers

Keziah and Ehkahk commit themselves to this agreement, binding in perpetuity for all eternity or until the final and lasting destruction of one or both signatories [actual version only says “of Ehkahk”].

In a harnessing of the primordial energies that forged the first demons from the Abyss, Keziah agrees to be bound into the bloodline of Ehkahk, eternally transforming her body, soul, and arcane essence to one of a demonic nature. She cuts ties with her former tiefling family [actual version says “she further binds the souls of her former tiefling family and their bloodline”]. Ehkahk agrees to grant Keziah all boons and powers of one of his brood, though she will remain subordinate to him, a “daughter” to his power [actual version says "an obedient daughter’].

To avoid unpleasant situations and mental degradation of demonic influence, Ehkahk grants the following exception: any member of Keziah’s former bloodline [actual version adds “yet also not possessed of same bloodline”] who finds that Keziah’s actions are in direct opposition to the well-being of that family, may attack Ehkahk, who will be magically bound to lower all resistances and arcane defenses against such an individual’s attacks. Any such individual standing up in said manner need only declare himself to be fulfilling these conditions. The defeat in fair combat of the weakened Ekhahk [actual version says “death of Ehkahk”] will enact a mystical reversal of this contract, restoring Keziah to her former state.

[Actual version has one more section: “This contract also grants exclusive rights to the souls and summonings of Keziah’s bloodline, granting Ehkahk’s agents first claim to their souls upon death, and first contact of any summonings they may enact. Further, Keziah pledges subservience, obedience, and unfailing allegiance to Ehkahk for the period of the contract.”]

Both Ehkahk and Keziah look forward to the mutually beneficial arrangement this contract signifies, and are eager to continue this cooperation for the foreseeable future.

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