Campaign History

A brief, day-by-day accounting of what the party has done, for perspective. For the sake of simplicity, I’m not going to bother naming the months right now… we’ll just assume that there are 84 days per season (3 moon cycles of 28 days each), and 4 seasons per year. I may get more in-depth later on, if I get bored, but I’ve got lots of other stuff to do, so likely we’ll just keep things like this.

See also WORLD HISTORY and HISTORY skill pages for more on the overall past

990 AC, Summer 1 Scout’s father, Vash, “goes out to get him a proper present for his birthday”.
991 AC, Autumn 13 Art’s great aunt comes to pick her up in the evening after her parents receive a black scale. Art is taken away to live with her aunt in the Cinderscar Valley.
997 AC, Spring 30 Gilraith’s Ionian military unit (including Nikolai & Nulath) return home from fighting on The Line.
997 AC, Winter 84 Praxis’ mentor, the deva Arariel, dies, somewhere in the woods outside of Altair.
997 AC, Winter 84 Akara reincarnates in the Chamber of Crumbled Valor in Ironhammer

998 AC, Spring 44 Praxis, Akara, Nulath, Nikolai, Karath, & Art converge on The Heaping Portion (beginning Adventure 1).
998 AC, Spring 45 Wedding of Gilraith Featherin & Christania Moonriver is interrupted by kidnappers. The party pursues, meeting some puppy-kicking orcs along the way (Adventure 0). They fight some drow in caves, and then return to town to stop the burning of the Featherin brewery.
998 AC, Spring 46 After sleeping at the inn, the party sets out to track down the kidnapped Kyone, who may have been taken to the Underdark (Adventure 2). They deal with traps in the area of the Steelshovel home, eventually finding a petrified ancient tree (and it’s semi-crazy dryad’s ghost). Then the mounted a mechanical spider to head into the depths, fighting off some deathjump spiders along the way. They then plummet into the darkness (Adventure 3), landing in a lake outside of Webdrink, and eventually getting sent by the yochlol Yaxavanda to go stop a deal that she vaguely knows the illithids find important. They battle with some kobolds, and then face off against a dragon (Adventure 4).
998 AC, Spring 47 The party rested in the home of the Interdraconic Thaumaturgy crowd, then head off through the Underdark towards Forgehome (Adventure 5). They run into some minotaur antagonists who offer them food, then find a trapped angel and the creature responsible for torturing her. Eventually they make it to Forgehome, where the servants of Vecna have tried to attack the settlement’s wizard (Adventure 6). The party teleported to the surface, to a war camp in northern Cormyr, near the Line.
FLASHBACK Session 7 was mostly a flashback, where we got to see Nikolai & Nulath in their military days, with the rest of the party playing the back-up unit members.
998 AC, Spring 48 Session 8 began after the party had rested in the army barracks. They stopped an undead invasion of the nearby town of Fisherman’s Wharf, then headed off (sans Nulath) to the south, aboard a caravan of coffins. Later that night they stopped at the Many Flagons, a military bar where they met Scout and had a bar fight (Adventure 9). After the fight, though, they had to head down the road a ways to rest, where they were attacked by a diseased deva cleric and her plant minions (Adventure 10). Eventually they got back to sleep after stopping the threat.
998 AC, Spring 49 The party headed south towards Waterdeep, stopping to defeat a team of bandits and rescue an astrologer (Adventure 11). They ended by pulling in to sleep at a camp outside of Waterdeep, run by a scheming dragonborn and his “entrepeneur” allies.
998 AC, Spring 50 The heroes went into Waterdeep, preparing for the big party that night (Adventure 12). The party was long, stretching through two sessions, and included a reunion with Nulath, who had come south with the orphans of Fisherman’s Wharf on a tip about a kindly orphanage in Waterdeep.
998 AC, Spring 51 (Session 13) Mirt died over the night (thanks to a dream Akara had), and the party had to deal with the consequences, including a subterfuge at the Murder Machine trial (Adventure 14), as well as a massive funeral and service for the dead in Waterdeep. On their way out of the city, the party ran into a storm, and had to stop at a strange inn… which was actually a MIMIC TRYING TO EAT THEM! (Adventure 15)
998 AC, Spring 52 The party met a devil who offered some of them a side job ( adventure 16), then met up with a Rakshasha who gave them a ride south to chase The Unknown Soldier into Dambrath, where they encountered an undead apocalypse unfolding in the local cemetery ( Adventure 17), and later rushed to Ssussun’s home to confront their former ally, The Unknown Soldier, in a final battle ( Adventure 18).
998 AC, Spring 64 Session 19: After more than a week of hanging out in Verdant Fields while the town’s arcanist strengthened & regrew Kyone’s crystal, the party received servant visitors from Solaria, who carried greetings from the Cardinals of Pelor & accompanied them on their journey south. 2 straight days of nonstop “Pelor-is-so-great” talking by “Jimmy” ensued.
998 AC, Spring 66 Somewhat deafened by Jimmy’s nonstop praising of the sun, the party encountered a girl, Sora, on the road, who said there was trouble in her monastery. They went up the hill to discover a Yuan-ti infestation there. After defeating the monsters, they emerged from the monastery to discover a group of soldiers…
998 AC, Spring 64 Session 20: the party assisted the Popess of Pelor in freeing Kyone from her crystal stasis. Akara, Art, and Praxis stayed with the Popess afterward to help her recover from taking on the Spider Queen directly and also to assist with other rituals she needed to do (like cleansing the monastery).
998 AC, Spring 65-75 On a secret mission from the Popess of Pelor, Nulath, Nikolai, Scout, & Kyone went to the small town of Raske, where they dealt with reports of a murdering ghost and also of a secret cabal called the Red Wings, who dealt their own version of Pelor’s justice to any outsiders who caused problems. In the end, a succubus was defeated and a brother’s desire for revenge went unfulfilled, but the party stopped the threats and took a military caravan to Solaria, the capital of Dambrath.
998 AC, Spring 76… Session 21 & 22: The party reunites and enters Solaria, where they are treated to a heroes’ lunch by various Cardinals. That night, however, news of an assassin reaches the party, and they seek out the one responsible for killing the Popess. Very late into the night, the party seeks out their lost member, Scout, to save him from the dark forces behind the assassination. The power of darkness is defeated, winning Scout a casino and orphanage (and getting Johny an exit from the game). Nulath also chose to stay behind, helping out with the childcare aspect of things. The party then hung out in Solaria for about 2 weeks, setting up the orphanage kids in the casino and ensuring no other problems are had as a new Pope was appointed.
998 AC, Summer 6… Session 23: The party heads southward to continue delivering bodies of fallen soldiers. They run into a vampiric gold dragon who has brainwashed local paladins into terrorizing the populace. They connect with the head of the secretive Twilight Division of the Dambrathi military, defeat the dragon, and help the kobold paladin Meepo to rebuild the paladins’ citadel.
998 AC, Summer 10… Session 24: The party receives word from Lady Artania (via new party member Ginger) that the Druid Mother Yew needs help faster than she thought back in Ionia. The party decides to head north, eventually towards Artania’s home in Kislev, where they can take a Feywild shortcut home to Ionia to deal with Yew’s problems before finishing the body deliveries. Along the way, they run into a recently re-opened buried Cappodocian household full of undead.
998 AC, Summer 11… Session 25: The party arrives at the Hammermain estate, and spend the evening there before heading out to the mines to find Lord Fjorin Hammermain.
998 AC, Summer 12… The party investigates Fjorin’s folly of seeking Mithril in the mines, discovering that his greed has made him crazy. He is killed by his own malfunctioning digging constructs, while the party destroys a clutch of Choldrith that had found their way into the mines. The party returns to the Hammermain estate to explain what happened & spend the night.
998 AC, Summer 13… Session 26: The party heads out early towards the Tavern of the Sun & Moon, gaining new party member Fury/Greg along the way. At the “Tavern”, Art/Jenn leaves the group to deal with a family matter, and the party finds the family of one of their bodies to deliver the news. That night, Nikolai/Micah wins a storytelling competition with Praxis/Lisa’s help, gaining some magic items as reward. The party helps to free some peaceful werewolves from the mind-control of an illithid working under the Thayan High Lord Szass Tam, and Praxis is given a named sword as a reward.
998 AC, Summer 14… Session 27: The party is up before dawn, preparing for the funeral of the body they delivered at a Pelorian temple in the “Tavern”. There, they meet Freyr Eveningstar, the eladrin co-owner who is much more approachable (in a “real” sense) than his deva partner. The party learns of politics in Coventry, and decides to head south to deliver more bodies and try to convince the Coventry Parliament of Lords to take action against the undead threat. They are briefly stopped by Orchid Malfeather, the prissy former classmate of Kyone/Niki, whose father happens to be the current head of the Parliament, and learn that their task may be harder than first thought. After they leave, they run into the minotaur mercenaries Mr. Krup & Mr. Vandamaar, who test the party by having their minotaur warrior underlings try to kill the party.


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Campaign History

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