This is a listing of different books you’ve found in your travels. Where possible, I’ll try to link to a page with selections from the books that matter. Of course, I can’t necessarily write every book out fully, so bear with me on this. I’ll throw in relevant details as they become important. Also, if any of you happen to have “secret” books, they won’t appear here, though I’ll email you any relevant details.

List of the Dead From the Line
A listing of the plot train y’all will be on for the next several adventures, with notes from the various commanders of each of the dead soldiers whose bodies you will be delivering.

Avengers List (Raven Queen)
Akara’s field list of surviving RQ Avengers on the East Coast of the continent.

Axe Combat Training, Vol 1
Language: Dwarven. Acquired in Forgehome. Runes are carved onto large slabs of stone, making this weigh about 25 lbs. Spending a week studying this book can grant the reader one free axe-related heroic-tier feat. This book only works once for each reader. Choices are:
- Axe Expertise (+1 feat bonus to axe attacks, reroll one damage roll of 1 each strike)
- Headsman’s Chop (5 extra dam w/ axe attacks vs. prone targets)
- Executioner of Undeath (reroll damage w/ axe attacks vs. Undead)
NOTE: If you have no training in axe usage, this book will be a story justification for taking training in an axe weapon, but will not give you that feat for free. Once you gain axe training, though, you can then study the book to get one of the other feats for free.

Cappodocian Papers from Lorvas Household/Tomb
These papers, acquired in Coventry during Adventure 24, detail the last days of the undead nation of Cappodocia. They show that many residents were aware of the impending multitudinous attacks, and explain how one might “put your house to sleep” so that the anti-undead zealots would not be able to detect the residents of the household. The papers also say that many prominent households in the capital city of Rahesh (located in the present-day district of Eridu, in southwestern central Coventry) are taking similar measures. Most importantly, they say that intruders will cause the spell to be broken… and the party remembered hearing rumors of Rahesh’s ruins recently being uncovered by archeologists from the church of Ioun.

Census of Founding Members (of Helmsgard)
Language: Dwarven. Acquired in Forgehome. Runes are carved onto large slabs of stone, making this weigh about 25 lbs.

Chronicle of the Dawn War +1 (lvl 4 tome implement)
An exhaustive record of the Dawn War’s triumphs and defeats.
This book grants an item bonus to Arcana & Religion equal to the tome’s enhancement bonus (+1).
The tome grants a +2 bonus to implement attacks against elemental creatures.
When you bloody an elemental creature with an implement attack using this tome, the creature takes extra radiant damage equal to twice the tome’s enhancement bonus (2 radiant).

Contract: Ehkahk & Keziah
Pilfered from the Fortress of Smoke in the Elemental Chaos, this details an agreement between the Duke of Smoke and one of Art Zoe’s distant ancestors.

Contract: Ehkahk & Yaxavanda
Pilfered from the Fortress of Smoke in the Elemental Chaos, this details a secret military agreement that lead to the downfall of a Kuo-Toa city in the Underdark.

Contract: Ehkahk & Zira
Pilfered from the Fortress of Smoke in the Elemental Chaos, this details an agreement between the Duke of Smoke and a leader of the assassin group Kargatane.

Defeating Our Darker Selves
Language: Supernal Acquired in Cannery Coast. Enchanted against wear and sheathed in tiger fur, this book details the stories collected in the ancient deva city of Ayrkashna of their efforts to slay their dark brothers & sisters: the Rakshasa.

Elementals of Stone & Sand
Language: Dwarven. Acquired in Forgehome. Runes are carved onto large slabs of stone, making this weigh about 25 lbs. When you study this book for at least a week, you gain a +2 item bonus to any monster Knowledge checks made against earth-based elemental creatures. Also, if you fail a monster knowledge check against such a creature, you can study this book for an hour and reroll that check.

Faerie Field Catalog (lvl 5 Wondrous item)
From boggles to brownies, nixies to nymphs, this volume keenly details the fey, giving you access to obscure knowledge. If you have training in Arcana, you gain a +2 item bonus to monster knowledge checks related to fey creatures. If you do not have training in Arcana, you can make monster knowledge checks related to fey creatures as if you had training in Arcana (with a +5 bonus).

Holy Book of Lusemnee the Dark Slayer
A ritual book that belonged to a Yuan-Ti snake cult of some sort (there is a slowly moving snake pattern on cover). The book has many ancient descriptions of Zehir, the “father”, as well as tales of his daughter, Lusemnee, who at the time of this book’s printing was still serving as his chief assassin. This is basically a holy text of an offshoot cult of Yuan-Ti who worshipped Lusemnee as a divine paragon of what an assassin should be (before she rebelled, obviously). Included among the tales are the following rituals: Animal Friendship (5), Magic Circle (5), Speak With Nature (5), Delay Affliction (4), Beast Growth (4), Skull Watch (4), Undead Ward (3), Read Omens (2), Corpse Light (2)

Honor Among Warriors by Titus Imperius
Language: Common. Included among the belongings of one of the dead soldiers in the caravan, this book details military decorum and general thoughts on combat by the king of Ionia.

Journal of Hassan-Je
Language: Common. Belonged to the deva druid in the area south of the Many Flagons in Cormyr. It details her day-to-day life, but focuses on the events after a tousle with a demon that infected her with the Abyssal Plague, and her corresponding descent into demonhood.

Journal of Ariel
Language: Common. The tales of a deva elementalist and her human rogue ally. Found on the person of the wizard Karath, ostensibly as a guide for how to interact with people from the prime material plane.

Journal of Lady Knight “Six” Arpaggia
Language: Common. The deceased grandmother of one of the young girls from Fishermen’s Wharf, before she died (of illness), she had told her granddaughter that one day another warrior would come to take up her sword. FYI: The little girl’s name is Pachem Scutter.

Letter: Axeblood-Nikolai
A letter from Axeblood Steelshovel, delivered via owl to Nikolai soon after the battle with the Unknown Soldier in Dambrath.

Scroll Case of Arnd
Contained in this scroll case (which is itself an Arkhosian relic worth a large sum of money to the right collector) are the last known words of the Arkhosian hero, Arnd.

Teleportation Sites
A small book containing the symbols of permanent teleportation circles the party has experienced. Originally Karath had this minor magical item (which will automatically copy the circle symbols of any circle it is brought near), though we can say it has passed on to other ritualists in the party.

Umbrian Book of Vecnal Secrets (?)
Language: ? Taken from a Vecna-serving Necromancer from the Kingdom of Umbria, this book was creepy to even be near. Attempting to read it gave you a headache (assuming you made your saving throw). After the Warforged known as Mecha Unit Delta (MUD) read it in episode 9, the pages became blank and MUD’s soul appeared to have disappeared. The pages seemed to reset after a few days, though, and soon caused Karath’s soul to disappear as well. The devil “Lee” said that this was a Book of Ultimate Secrecy, rumored to be able to make a body forget the soul inside it… but that actually it was a transportation tool to steal souls for some other purpose, and that very few of these books existed.

Von Richten’s Guide to Cappodocia
Secretly given by Lord Suleimon to Praxis in a quiet moment during the dinner at Lord Malfeather’s estate. It seemed clear at the time that Valindra Shadowmantle did not want Lord Suleimon speaking of his Knowledge, though he was able to pass off this written text in a moment of subterfuge.



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