Scroll of Arnd

[NOTE: Written in Draconic, though a much older style than the current language]

My friends,

I regret to inform you that my efforts at creating a Castle of Challenge to prove the mettle of would-be heroes have been, perhaps, too effective. I have succeeded in trapping great foes in this castle of testing. However, the counter-measure I built in appears to work more literally than I would have liked. While possession of the otherwise humble treasure will cause all foes in the castle to cease attacks on the bearer, it is only that treasure that can keep them at bay. It was my foolish lack of realization of this simple fact which allowed one of the larger beasts to sneak up on me and surprise me.

I do not have long to live, as I can feel my very life solidifying as I become little more than a relic of my former self. I have cast a ritual to delay the effect, though, and I was able to beat the beast back long enough to give me time to write this letter. My trusted drake, Fengal, understands enough to drag my armor to another part of the castle, where the beasts I have trapped cannot get at it. He is a loyal creature, and will defend it against any evil forces that should seek to take it.

With my last moments of life, I am summoning an eagle to bear this letter to my page, who waits in a tent outside the castle. He knows that if he receives such a note, he is to bring it to the Arkhosian leadership with great haste. I can only hope that when I am gone, one of you will be able to commune with my spirit in this place to learn the secrets which I cannot write, the secrets that will save our great Arkhosia from the Turothi threat. I pray to the Great Platinum Dragon that my page reaches you in time, and that the heroes of Arkhosia are able to learn my secret before it is too late.

I have set a secret teleportation circle outside the castle. Though a hero trying his might would need to seek the castle out on his own, I knew that a faster method might be necessary were something bad to happen. You will find the symbols of this circle at the bottom of this letter. Please make haste to what remains of me, that it and the secrets it tells may be used to stop our short-sighted tiefling counterparts.

May justice guide every decision you make, and may your souls be wreathed in the radiant glory of Bahamut’s breath.

Please apologize to my sister for me. I imagine my death will make her quite cross.

KNOWLEDGE CHECK: Any dragonborn (or anyone who can make an easy History check) will have heard of Arnd, perhaps the most famous hero of the old Arkhosian empire. You can find tales of him in the Bard’s Tale section. If this letter is genuine, it is the last record of Arnd, and a treasure to all dragonborn everywhere.

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Scroll of Arnd

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