This is a general page for information about various locations that may or may not be of interest to you. More will be added as we come across them, or as I have time to write them.

The planet of “the regular world”, located in the Prime Material plane of existence.

The main continent on the planet of Terra.


The Alliance of Eastern Nations
A collection of nine countries in the east who have banded together against the many threats from the Hordelands, Umbria, and the Eternal Wasteland.

Great Barrier Peaks
The massive mountains that separate the Alliance from the Hordelands.

A large area in the NE of the continent, populated by untold numbers of Orcs, gnolls, goblins, ogres, and other creatures collectively referred to by civilized folks as “the Horde”. The Line is the hotly contested area that separates the Hordelands from the Alliance in areas not covered by the Barrier Peaks.

Central Wilds
The lands west of the Alliance are much less tame than the nations around them, yet full of adventure.

The Great Eastern Sea
Home to continents like Umbria, little is known about what lies farther to the East. Some say eternity, some say a passage to Pelor’s realms, some say nothing but more empty ocean. There have been tales of an island-born kingdom of dragons far, far to the East, in a place known as the Io’s Blood Isles… but these rumors cannot be confirmed.

The Eternal Wasteland
A massively inhospitable desert where strange magic and awful monsters rule. Located in the southeast corner of Grandia.

Source of lots of the food that goes to lots of nations across the world. A friendly place of human & halfling farmers.

Great Plains
The vast, untamed Savannahs west of the Eternal Wasteland, North of Chult, and South of the Central Wilds.

Nation of dwarven & elven ideals, ruled by the dragonborn hero King Titus Imperius. A model of Erathin civic governance put into practice. Central-West area of Grandia, east of Nentir Vale.

Mawaiian Islands
Isolated islands known to be home to the half-elven kingdom of Evereska. Supposedly a repository of artifacts from the fall of Myth Drannor, though incredibly difficult to access, with both environmental and societal barriers to overcome.

Melora’s Womb
Known the world-over as “the place where life begins”, it is said that Melora’s battle with the greatest of the nature primordials took place here, and this lake has teemed with life ever since.

This region is the northwesternmost corner of civilization on the continent. Home to the city of Neverwinter, which was formerly the “Jewel of the North”, until nearby Mt. Hotenow erupted (about 45 years ago), destroying much of the city and ripping a rift to some abyssal realm. Lord Dagault Neverember from Waterdeep has recently headed to the city of Neverwinter to repair and rebuild the metropolis.

Pax Humana
The refugees from Nerath formed this notoriously racist nation of humans. Though they trade with nations that include the “lesser races”, none are welcome within their borders.

A mageocracy north of Pax Humana, known for vast magical power and the iconic Red Wizards of Thay, who occasionally are up to no good in the rest of the world. Still, it’s hard to fault the quality of their magical items.

Verge Wilderness
Undead trees, demigoddess witches, and the scariest beast the world has ever known. Also, very cheap hotel rates and great package deals.

Waterdeep, City of Splendors
The largest city in the civilized world, Waterdeep is everything you can say about a huge metropolis, and then some. Located on the coast in-between Cormyr & Dambrath, Waterdeep is an independent city-state that is not actually a part of the Alliance of Eastern Nations, though it certainly contributes to the war effort against the Orcs. Also important to Waterdeep is the subterranean city of Skullport.

Western Cataclysm
In the wake of the Great Cataclysm, many groups still struggle to exist in a realm of unstable magic and world-changing consequences from whatever it was that happened almost a thousand years ago.

==== OTHER CONTINENTS =========

Fabled lost continent, not unlike our legends about Atlantis. Rumored to have disappeared into the ocean sometime before the Great Cataclysm. More info on this in the Bard’s Tale and History sections.

A very hot and jungly continent south of Grandia. Known for savage lizardmen, lost cities of gold, and dinosaurs.

Far Northern Glaciers
Generally considered a separate continent, there are no known permanent civilizations in this harsh and unforgiving frozen wasteland. Said to be home to many frost giants, remorazzes, white dragons, and other massive creatures of pure cold, no one is particularly eager to explore this region, either. Most documentation is from sailors whose ships have gone off-course and ended up in the frozen waters west or east of the glaciers.

Located far across the ocean to the west of Grandia, this land is basically an East Asia parallel, with Thri-kreen (“the Thrinese”) taking the place of the Chinese. Also home to human empires like Kara-Tur.

A large, mostly frozenish continent to the northeast of Grandia (think Greenland) ruled over by undead.

==== OTHER DIMENSIONS =========

The Astral Sea
Another plane of existence, generally referred to as “The Plane Above”. Most of the non-evil gods have their home realms here. In fact, most of the gods can only exist here, given the various restrictions they bound themselves to at the close of the Dawn War. The Astral Sea is technically infinite, though, so it’s not like Kord and Ioun have to bump into one another all the time. Many of the divine realms manifest as massive islands, though dead gods (and some primordial corpses) can also be found here, as can the remains of some of their realms (talk about epic dungeons!). One some of the smaller islands, one may find Githyanki nomads who set up more permanent homes here after escaping slavery and losing their brothers, the Githzerai.

The Elemental Chaos
Kind of the opposite of the Astral Sea, this plane is often referred to as “The Plane Below”. It houses many of the corpses and/or prisons of many of the defeated Primordials, as well as many, many sub-realms, some of which are huge and infinite themselves (like the 9 Hells and the Abyss). Some of the evil gods also have realms here. In addition, the Elemental Chaos is where creatures like Genies and Elementals have their home domains. A few groups of Githzerai also sought some kind of monastic “peace among chaos” by forming monastery homes here, but they are never really “safe” at home.

The Feywild
A separate plane of reality that mirrors the Prime Material plane (the “normal world”). Known to be a realm where imagination and dreams can take physical form, and also full of faerie-type critters.

The Outlands
A dead and barren realm between realms. Basically a big empty battleground not unlike the Outworld from the Mortal Kombat video game/film series. Almost nothing lives here, but many things do battle here on a large scale… elementals, devils, demons, aberrations, illithids, angels, dragons, titans, etc.

The Shadowfell
A separate plane known as a dark reflection of the Prime Material plane. The power of shadow itself controls reality here, and despair, fear, and blindness may take physical form in this place.

A city that simultaneously exists in both the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos, as well as in the Outlands, the “City of Doors” is just that: a place with portals to EVERYWHERE.

The Underdark
Not just underground, but DEEP underground. While technically a part of the Prime Material Plane, the Underdark effectively functions like its own dimension, with magic working differently in different areas, weird environmental effects, strange creatures that can only exist there, and connections to all sorts of other dimensions and sub-dimensions. This is the awful place from many kids’ scary stories. Home to the Drow, the Mind Flayers, many Beholders, the Duergar, and worse… most people have no idea of how complex and huge the Underdark really is. Let’s just say that it’s so huge that it has it’s own demi-realm reflections, the Feydark and the Shadowdark, in the other two reflection planes of the Prime Material plane, all of which are connected to it.

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