These are cool links to sites that have really useful stuff related to D&D.

Textile Reference
Placed here for my benefit, so I can easily access all the crazy formatting options in Obsidian Portal

A fantastic online tabletop site that lets you run combats online. We may look into this if scheduling ever becomes impossible. I’ll post any specific game links via email if I decide to use this.

Surly Dragon
A neat podcast about D&D.

Noble Knight
Purveyors of used roleplaying products of all sorts, including adventures, miniatures, sourcebooks, novels, etc.

Troll and Toad
A great site to pick up individual D&D (plastic) miniatures.

Reaper Miniatures
Some pretty hardcore metal miniatures. Their “Figure Finder” is fantastic, allowing you to select elements you want in your mini (ex: female, elf, with sword, no shield).

Litko Gaming Products
A fantastic site for cool terrain stuff. Also lots of empty miniature bases (which you can get in pretty much any size) for putting other minis on a D&D-esque base.

Paizo Miniatures
Paizo publishes Pathfinder, which many folks refer to as a hybrid between D&D 3.5 & D&D 4th edition. I won’t comment on that, because I haven’t played Pathfinder… but their miniatures are really cool, and fit in quite well in a D&D world.

Dwarven Forge
Possibly the coolest D&D accessories ever. Also the most expensive. But when I win that lottery…

Hirst Gaming Molds
For those of us who can’t afford Dwarven Forge, these folks sell reasonably cheap molds you can use to create your own realistic dungeon terrain.

Penny Arcade Podcasts
If you got the writers of Penny Arcade together with some other awesome folks, like a DM from Wizards of the Coast and Wil Wheaton, you’d get this: the adventures of Acquisitions Incorporated.
A complete list of all their podcasts is here:

The Tome Show
A very well-done review, discussion, and interview podcast series.

DDXP/D&D Next Podcasts
Hosted right here on Obsidian Portal, these are discussions about what the next version of D&D (maybe in 2014 or so?) might look like.

Various Other Podcasts
Cool bits of news, opinions, games, and other stuff that other players want to cast pods about. A lot of the things on this list are a little outdated, though. But just do a google search for “D&D Podcasts” and you’ll get a ton of them.

Wizards of the Coast
The people who currently own D&D. If you’ve got a DDI subscription, this is where you’ll find the Character Builder, Compendium, and all the various Dragon articles with neat character options.

Gozzy’s Map Generator
I’m putting this here mainly as a quick link for myself, but feel free to use it in your own games, too. A great outdoor mapping tool, with cool features like foliage level, path insertion, etc.

“Weapliments”, or weapons that can be used as implements
Here’s a list somebody put together of magic weapons that can also be used as implements (which is pretty cool). He also notes the multi-classing rules change: if you multiclass into a different class that has different implements, you can use any of your powers with the “implement” keyword with any implements that you’re proficient with. So yes, a Monk multi-classed into Wizard could use his Ki Focus to deliver spells through.

Worst D&D Classes Ever
A really hilarious io9 article

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