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  • session-022

    _[[:kaitzer-scout-sorah | Scout]] could tell by the dark purple haze around the eyes of the travelers that they were servants of Shadow. He had seen the same energy around his own eyes. So while the party headed off to enjoy their lavish luncheon with …

  • Contract_Ehkahk_Zira

    [Because you have the original, and it has already been signed, you are able to read both the printed version and Ehkahk's edited version (_in italics_) with a DC 20 Arcana check. Scout can also read Zira's version (*in bold*) with a DC 20 Thievery check …

  • The Shadowfell

    [working on this page still] Oooh... scary shadows! More to come later on this page. [[INDEX | INDEX]] Back to [[UD-Shadowdark | Shadowdark]] Back to [[The Feywild | Feywild]] Back to [[Locations | Locations]] Back to [[Main Page | Main Wiki]]

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