Warrior's Red Shirt

They'll never see you bleed

Level Bonus Cost
Level Bonus Cost
2 +1 $X 17 +4 $X
7 +2 $X 22 +5 $X
12 +3 $X 27 +6 $X

Neck Slot Item – Uncommon
Bonus: Fort, Ref, Will Defenses
Effect: When you are bloodied, enemies do not gain any additional advantage against you. For example, if an enemy does extra damage to bloodied foes, that extra damage does not apply to you when you are bloodied. This shirt does not have any effect on personal conditions related to being bloodied (like the Dragonborn racial bonus), allies’ ability to tell that you’re bloodied (so they know when to heal you), beneficial item effects related to being bloodied, or effects of terrain (like an evil vampiric pocket dimension that slows you when you are bloodied).
Daily: (free action) Gain a number of temporary hit points equal to twice the item’s enhancement bonus.


There once was a great warrior who fought bravely, even when injured. He wore a bright red shirt, so that enemies would think he was invincible. That legend lives on in this magical representation of his bravery.

Warrior's Red Shirt

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