Tome of Letters

Receives messages written on magic letter paper


Level 1 common
Cost: 360 GP
Additional: Comes with 3 attuned sheets of Magical Letter Paper (MLP)
Typical tome length: 200 pages

This tome serves as a receiver of messages. Each attuned sheet of MLP can be written upon. When the seal at the bottom of the page is pressed, the image of the writing appears in the Tome of Letters attuned to that paper. An icon on the cover of the book will glow when a new message is waiting unread in the tome.

This message transferrance works anywhere within the same plane. If crossing planes, the sender will have to lose a healing surge to give the paper the extra power to push through planar boundaries. The messages cannot cross time boundaries or certain magical barriers specifically designed to prevent message-type magic.

Though the actual page remains in the possession of the sender, the magic dissipates after the initial send, so these cannot be used for an AOL instant messenger type conversation. More often these are used by spies or soldiers in the field to send reports to commanding officers.

Additional pages of MLP can be attuned to a book. The book must be present, and the ritual cost for the Enchant Magic Item ritual is 5 GP/page. When a tome’s pages are all written upon, no more pages can be attuned to that tome.

NOTE: There’s a little-known tweak that can extend the amount of text transferable. If both sides of a page are written upon before sending, and a healing surge is spent by the sender, then the writing will appear on 2 sides of 1 page in the book (of course, that means to do so cross-planarly would cost you 2 healing surges).


The first of these was created by two lovers, her a wizard and he a warrior, when he was called up to go off to war in a distant land. His letters changed dramatically when he learned of a counter-strike sent to attack the home kingdom, and it was his warnings to her that allowed her to rally defenses in the kingdom to repel what would have otherwise been a surprise attack.

Tome of Letters

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