The Blade of Civility

Titus Imperius' artifact blade

weapon (melee)

Beginning stats

Weapon: Any heavy or light blade.
bonus: +1
crit: +1d6/plus, or +1d12/plus vs chaotic creatures
Property: Wielder grants +3 when using the Aid Another action instead of the normal +2

Daily Power: My Hope Is Yours
Minor Action
Effect: Wielder spends a healing surge but regains no HP. Wielder and all adjacent allies can make a saving throw with a bonus equal to the sword’s plus.


Tales of where this blade originated vary widely. More well-known are the stories of what it has done. In the hands of the paladin Titus Imperius, it’s most recent owner, this weapon (currently a longsword) grew to be an ultimate tool of law in the land. It seemed that either the blade suited itself to Titus, or maybe he changed his own actions to match the motives of the blade, or perhaps they were just perfectly matched for one another… in some predestined kind of way. As he grew in skill, though, the sword grew in power with him. And on the final adventure of the Wheels of Progress, this is the blade that Titus thrust through Infyrana’s skull, defeating the ancient red wyrm of Dragon Mountain and freeing Ionia from her tyranny.

Rumors said that the blade could bolster allies, slay demons instantly, and make servants of chaos flee at the sight of it.

As for its origin, some say that it is the shard of some defeated lawful deity who fell during the Dawn War. Others say that it was forged by Erathis herself. Still others claim that it was the Oath Blade at the first citadel of paladins, and that every fledgling paladin swore his life to law and order over that blade held by an angel who took their oaths. Some say it was forged by Moradin, others that it was tempered in the platinum flames of Bahamut’s breath, others that St. Cuthbert forged the blade as his final task before ascending to demi-godhood. None can say for sure, but all Ionians feel better knowing that this great weapon is in the hands of the nation’s greatest hero.

The Blade of Civility

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