Simple Automoton Ritual

When you'd rather your servants be seen (but not heard)


Component Cost: 5 gp, plus a focus body worth at least 25 gp
Market Price: 50 gp
Key Skill: Arcana (no check)Level: 1
Category: Creation
Time: 5 minutes
Duration: 8 hours or until you dismiss the servant

You cause a Medium or small artificial form to animate. It obeys your commands, moves at your speed, can lift up to 50 pounds, and performs basic functions and repetitive tasks, such as cleaning, making camp, and moving, holding, or carrying objects.

A minor automoton never tires. It cannot move more than 20 squares from your space. While it occupies its space, it cannot attack or be attacked. If caught in a combat, it is a blocking obstacle, and not considered an ally to anyone. Each automoton you currently control doubles the component cost to create the next.

Focus: An artificial body. This cannot be a dead corpse, but must be an artificially constructed body with potentially mobile parts, and commands you give the automoton are limited by its form (an animated wheeled tea cart could not pick things up, for example). Hypothetically you could create an artificial body out of old bones, but that’s a lot of work to get a body that’s doesn’t give you much result. The body is re-usable.

NOTE: This is a reduced-cost version of the Unseen Servant ritual.


Simple Automoton Ritual

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