Gilraith Featherin

A wealthy son who went off to fight as a commoner, and came back a hero.


Half-Elf, Male, Fighter, General in Ionian Army


As the eldest son of the Featherin family, Gilraith has always known privilege. His father, Tennyson Featherin, is the only person to ever have successfully blended elvish feywine and dwarven ale. As the Featherin Fey Ale factory is now the biggest employer in the town of Altair, Gilraith has never had to go hungry.

However, Gilraith also has the humility and personability to not let this wealth and fame go to his head. He’s a generally likable guy, and has always thought of himself as no different than any common man. When he came of age, he enlisted in the military, just like any other commoner looking to get out of town. He quickly became Captain of the Altair unit sent to aid the Alliance of Eastern Nations in their wars against the orcish Hordes. The bravery and valor he showed on those battlefields earned him the rank of General, and every soldier beneath him firmly believes he deserves that honor.

When the Altair forces returned from the fighting 2 years ago, Gilraith took up a post as regional commander of reserve forces for the central/eastern section of Ionia in which Altair lies. It’s been mostly a desk job, but he’s still lead all the troops in exercises 1 weekend every month. Now, it seems he’s fallen in love with an Eladrin princess, Christania, and they are due to be wed around the time of the first game.

Gilraith Featherin

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