(King) Bator Ironhammer

former King of Ionia, disappeared leading the Great Ionian Army against the undead



The famous (former) King of Ionia (though don’t let the hard-liners hear you call him the “deceased King”), Bator Ironhammer was a firm ruler. His political career really started when his father died defending the town of Ironhammer, their ancestral home. Bator survived that fight, but that sense that he was a hero who had known great loss made many realize that he would act wisely. As the then King Caldera, a human, was getting old and seeking a replacement, Bator’s supporters got him into the King’s good graces, and the crown was willingly passed to King Ironhammer in 855 AC.

The opportunity to slay the Necromancer Ssaz Tam and help free the people still languishing under the remnants of the Kingdom of Atramor has been noted by many biographers as a time when King Ironhammer saw a way to relive the heroics he had known back with his father. There have even been some (eastern half-elves) who have suggested (in unauthorized biographies) that Bator sought to die in battle, as his father Garm had, thus cementing his legend in history as a hero forever. History remembers him, certainly, but not as he likely would have preferred.

During his almost 30-year rule, King Ironhammer’s policies tended to favor the western half of the nation, though he did have advisors from the east as well. He was not overtly racist, but was very unpleasant towards those who disagreed with his initiatives. He sought to be a good and just ruler, but there were times (such as the hanging of the elvish sabateurs, the so-called “Necessary Evils”) when he made the really tough decisions, and was viewed accordingly by varying demographics.

(King) Bator Ironhammer

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