ON A BREAK? (June 2014) Right now we’ve got all kinds of scheduling problems going on with our players, so this game is effectively on-hold till we can work our timelines into concordance once more.

It all started out in the nation of Ionia, a progressive nation dedicated to Erathis (the Goddess of Civilization), and a bastion of democracy in a world of dungeons, dragons, gods, demons, monsters, and heroes. The country itself had known relative peace and prosperity for some 60 years or more… ever since the last great band of heroes defeated a world-hopping dragon and used her horde to revitalize the nation. Since that time the nation has seen public education, increased commerce, public roadways, easy access to healers, a democratically-elected parliament, and an age of religious and racial tolerance and conversation.

Now, a new team of heroes, originally gathered in the small Ionian town of Altair, has taken on a continent-spanning mission to deliver the dead bodies of fallen soldiers from the ongoing war against the Orcish hordes, stopping monsters and helping families grieve as they go. They have lost some friends and gained new ones along the way, and have begun to get to the point where their adventures are noted by gods and other powerful creatures. Also, there are a great many shenanigans to be had, but that’s hardly the focus of our tale… right? Currently the party is dealing with an uprising of undead awakening from hibernation, a fairy incursion into the same lands, and the threat of worse things on the horizon. Oh, and they also got themselves an airship that runs on dead dragon essence.


Welcome to the home campaign for the New Altairian Heroes (NAH), run by Joe Lastowski in South Hadley, MA. I’m a writer, and I fully admit that I put way too much time into things I get passionate about, so there’s an awful lot here. Those of you who are just browsing through will notice that I’ve outright stolen a lot of this, though much of it has been tweaked to fit in my world better. I’m not making money off of any of this, and most of what I’ve used has been stuff that was meant for gaming anyway in one way or another. I think it was R.A.Salvatore who said that the whole point of a gaming world like the Forgotten Realms was so that people could pick-and-choose what worked best in their own games. That’s what I’ve done here. Feel free to browse around, and I hope you enjoy what you read.

Any questions or comments can be directed to JoeLastowski@gmail.com. Thanks for visiting!

Check out the wiki for a broad overview of what’s going on here.

Newer Stuff
- INDEX page that lists every other page on the site alphabetically, updated every time I make a new page
- Added in some new god-related details on the Religion page, including bits on how servants of different gods may work together sometimes.
- Awesome inspirational art pages: general and potential NPCs. I add to these pretty regularly.
- Theories on the Great Cataclysm page (though none are 100% true… unless maybe they all are)
- Some more background stuff for our new characters, including new bits of Religion lore, more Goliath details, and some new Bard’s Tale stories.
- Updates to the Undead Rising page.
- An Enemies & Allies page, listing some of the recurring characters you’ve met (still working on this a bit)

Stuff I’m Working On…
Not sure exactly when all this will be finished, but my current list of things to add to this site includes:
- Kislev details for when you head towards Artania’s home
- The dungeons/ruins of Helmsgard (just in case)
- Neverwinter place page & details
- more crime families for Travailia (currently there’s only one listed)
- Thayan political details, since it seems you might be headed there eventually
- culinary peculiarities of different races/regions (as I get the inkling)
- update in-game calendar to match where we’re at

For now, just click here for the main page.

Heroes of the New Day

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