Western Cataclysm

This term is given to the broad area west of the Nentir Vale, surrounding and including the Great Sea of Cataclysm. Over 1000 years ago, it was just Arkhosia and Bael Turoth… but those days are long gone. What lies there now is a mixture of various wild areas with sporadic points of civilization.

Great Sea of Cataclysm … The heart of whatever it was that happened during the Great Cataclysm. There are many strange things reported in this sea, from ghost ships to sightings of dead gods to oddly-behaving magic to strange lights from deep beneath the waters. Fish caught here have been known to double in size after being pulled from the water, while sea monsters slain have turned into little more than krill or other minute creatures.

Gods’ Fury Mountains … many constantly active volcanoes. It is believed that many members of the Red Wing of Tiamat dwell here. This area also may contain remains of the ancient floating city of Ghest.

The Maze … A desolate realm of wild magic, dead magic zones, and portals to the Far Realms. The only constant here is chaos, making travel through this realm nearly impossible.

Cinderscar Valley … a last refuge of the damned, this is where those fleeing other persecution may end up. Being surrounded by active volcanoes and prone to red dragon attacks, the denizens know their lives won’t be super here… but maybe it’s better than the alternative. It’s also said that Malachi Johnson, famed (insane?) wizard from the Wheels of Progress, has been seen in this area.

Sword Coast … a series of keeps and militarized trade cities makes up the sword coast, with many territories having been ruled by the same family for generations. Occasional fishing & hunting villages dot this landscape as well, and many dwarves make sturdy keeps on the rocky coasts.

Nueva Turatha … The new nation formed of what was left of Bael Turoth, many artifacts from the old kingdom are stored here. The region does decent sea trade with the Sword Coast. The capital, Azazalia, is home to many schools of warlockery and summoning magics, as well as The Temple of the Archived Horn, a massive Library of Ioun dedicated to the collection of information on demons and devils. Dragonborn do not often find themselves in this land when not having a nightmare.

Claw Lakes … said to be a claw mark of either Bahamut or Tiamat (or even Io), these lakes are surrounded by tribes of kobolds & lizardmen who are frequently at war to control them. There are also said to be three great dragons there, one per lake, but stories vary as to whether they’re good or bad, or whether it’s the same three dragons, or if they also are at war with other dragons for the spots.

City States of the North … Many largely isolated communities, none large enough to have large armies of their own. Includes locations such as the Dalelands, Raven’s Bluff, and Fallcrest.

Titan’s Passage … Two gigantic stone figures stand watch over this narrow waterway, though time has worn away their features to the point where no one knows who or what they once represented. The passage itself is known to house small tribes of orcs & other creatures, but most boats traveling this route are armed-enough to ward them off.

New Bahama … A refuge for Dragonborn, and the home of the most artifacts from the lost kingdom of Arkhosia. This is also the site for the head (humanoid) temple to Bahamut in the world, second only to whatever high temple the dragons have off somewhere. Houses several famous academies for Paladins (of Bahamut) and dragon-style sorcery. Built in the shadow of Mount Io, said to be the mountain above which Io was slain, this metropolis is not a place where tieflings are welcomed.


Western Cataclysm

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