Verge Wilderness

While the Great Barrier Peaks block most of the Hordelands from the civilized world, the Verge Wilderness does the rest. This thick and wild wilderness is inhospitable at the best of times, and downright deadly the rest of the time. Ancient beasts of legend still roam these woods on occasion, cabals of witches work their weaves, and it is even said that there are passages to the realms of the dark fey in this forest.

The Verge Woods are adjacent to THAY, the SANKH KINGDOM, MELORA’S WOMB, and the GREAT BARRIER PEAKS.


Talgora: Centuries before the Great Cataclysm, there was a town in the area that is now the Verge Wilderness called Talgora. While it is unknown what created or summoned it, a great Beast appeared in that town, and slaughtered everyone there. Even after the beast was finally slain (after a hunt that is reported to have lasted for decades, the threat did not end. The beast died on the bank of Melora’s Womb, sending ripples of its ferocity across the lake. When the Great Cataclysm happened, though, some of that magic stirred echoes of the monster’s ghost. Now the Beast of Talgora is the fiercest creature in the Verge Woods, slaughtering anything that comes near.

The Three Furies: Said to be the highest authority among the reclusive wizardry school of Witchcraft, the three furies are likely not even mortal. One is a young maiden, one is a strong adult woman, and one is a wizened crone. Their names vary from story to story, and they may even be positions that different individuals hold… but they are not known to suffer intruders or fools in their woods. It is also said that they are insane, and that they can see through time, and that they have access to some magical sources that was untainted by the Great Cataclysm. These are all rumors, though, and no first-hand information on them is available.

Blackroot Treants: The dark energies in these woods have affected the trees themselves. Strange and terrifying creatures known as Darkroot Treants roam these woods: huge undead fey trees whose roots are said to transcend dimensions into the Feydark. Truly not a force you want to encounter. There are rumors that necromancers from Thay may have some connection to these undead trees, but the extent of that connection is unknown.


Verge Wilderness

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