Verdant Fields

The northernmost town in Dambrath, it is literally on the border with the wooded area surrounding Waterdeep. The city of Waterdeep itself is about 15 miles north of the border. The areas around the town are all large farms owned by various townsfolk. This is the hometown of the Drow Avenger of Pelor, Ssussun Beluth, whom the party first met in adventure 9, at the Many Flagons. The party fought battles and took a rest here in adventures 17 and 18.

The town is mostly farmers & gardeners. Due to the incredible sunlight and good soil quality, this region can grow most anything in abundance. The town itself is sparsely populated… maybe 50 residents in the town proper, but there are another 100-150 folks living out on surrounding farms who are technically a part of the town (and who attend religious services on Sun Day).

The Party’s Experiences
During the week (or more) that it takes Sunquartz to regrow Kyone’s crystal (even with the help of having the thesis paper describing the hypothetical process that y’all bought from Egremont), the party is treated very well in town. Verdant Fields is accepting of bards, which means that Nikolai’s bardic class features will get you room & board in town. That translates to rooms at the Mayor’s house (the largest in town), actually, which is also partially because the mayor needs fairly consistent Healing attention from Akara as he deals with his ghoul injuries.

Additional interactions with any of the below people of note can be handled via email before the next game.

People of Note
Ssussun Beluth: male Drow avenger of Pelor. Zealous and a horrifyingly efficient in combat, he is more approachable when he is not upset. The party’s initial meeting with him was an hour after he’d learned about the death of his brother, which colored his actions at that time (which he now humbly and heartily apologizes for). He’s still kind of over-zealous and quick to attack enemies… but less of a complete jerk than first impressions pointed towards.
Terren Beluth: RIP, male Drow fighter. Ssussun’s dead younger brother, whose body was carried by the coffin caravan that the party has been attached to.
Yavia Greenmorrow: female wilden, gardener, best friend to (the deceased) Terren Beluth, sad but vibrant & hopeful. Sings to plants to make them grow more.
Stu Soilman: male half-orc gravedigger, unassuming. Stu is very upset that the “guaranteed 100% blessed soil” he bought from a tiefling merchant a year ago turned out to be fake.
Mayor/Father Oman Ra: older human solar cleric, mayor, full of sun-related axioms… savagely brutalized by ghouls, but saved from the undead disease by quick application of magic from Akara. Still horribly injured and recovering in bed… after a week a heal check will reveal that he probably will not walk again.
Frederic Thenardier: half-elf male, cheating innkeeper
Calise Thenardier: human female, Frederic’s wife (He told me he was “elven royalty”… royal pain in the arse, I tell you)
Sunquartz: Shardmind hermit, arcanist. Enigmatic and reclusive, but knows a lot about rocks (which is conveyed telepathically to anyone who actually tries to interact with her). Can be paid to enchant items at book cost, but does not have any items on-hand that she’s selling. If appropriately approached, she can help to either reinforce or remove Kyone’s crystal, but this will take her some time (1-2 weeks).
Egremont Barrington (of the Dambrathi Barringtons): human male (20s), librarian of Pelor/Ioun. Part of large family of librarians in Dambrath and nearby regions.


The following shops offer items for sale. Note that Sunquartz is selling sun-related and crystal-related items for cheaper prices than you’d normally find anywhere else.

Magic – Sunquartz, the shardmind hermit, can make any of the following items. Note that sun-themed items and gem items are at reduced prices. Given that she’ll have to work on fixing Kyone’s crystal, too, each item will take about a day/level, and she can only work on one at a time. [sorry about the alignment, the coding is annoyingly complex for tables on this site]

Lvl. Cost.. Type……… Item
1… 100… Wondrous….. Sunglobe – re-usable magic light source
1… 360… Armor(any)… Magic Armor+1
1… 360… Impl(any)…. Magic Implement+1
1… 360… Neck……… Amulet of Protection+1
1… 360… Weap(any)…. Magic Weapon+1
2… 360… Head……… Gem of Colloquy – plus 1 Bluff/Diplomacy, plus 1 language
3… 680… Weap(any)…. Aura Killer Weapon+1 – Dail: ends aura, can’t be restarted (save ends)
4… 680… Scale/Plate.. Crystal Armor – plus 2 Will while bloodied
4… 680… H.Symbol….. Symbol of the Sun+1 – dmg & extra movement vs. undead
4… 680… H.Blade…… Sunblade+1 – light, rad. dmg, daily Str burst power
5… 840… Wondrous….. Solitaire(Quartz Lens) – Enc: adds rad or fire dam type on crit

Librarium – Egremont Barrington (of the Dambrathi Barringtons) sees over a rather large collection, which he offers to any in town who wish to read. He is willing to sell some of his books, as marked, though all are open to be read. Reading a particular book takes 1-2 days, if you do nothing else, or up to a week, if you take your time. All books here are copies… no originals. He also has access to an inter-library loan circle, a special teleportation that works only on books between libraries. Those books that can be purchased have a price (in GP) in front of the title. Loanable books have a dash

Tobin’s Spirit Guide Encyclopedia of ghost types
VRG* to Vampires 1st in a series of famous undead guides
VRG* to Mindless Undead Part of a series of famous undead guides
VRG* to Dracoliches Part of a series of famous undead guides
Perugian Decline Accius’ famous text about Umbria
Architecture of Waterdeep vol 1-9 Academic study of various Wdeep buildings
Farming Techniques – [crop] 50 different guides to growing diff. crops
The Dark Spider Caves Book about the evils of the Drow
Honor Among Warriors Titus Imperius’ popular military text
Magic for the People Khelben Blackstaff’s populist text
Modern-Day Magic Socialist text by Sorceress Mystara of Tethyr
The Arcane Prince basically Macchiavelli’s text, but by Oristus
Moonstaff, Mage of Saruun, w/ wizards at the top
Proper Burial Techniques Burial guide written by death priests
Accounting for the Dead Holy Death text by Saint Jergal, the Clerk
On Decriminalization of Necromancy Protest writing by Fr. Lyndon Larouche, Cult of Corax
Come Be My Light Holy musings by Popess Solei Shemesh
A Simple Path Holy musings by Popess Solei Shemesh
Total Surrender Holy musings by Popess Solei Shemesh
50 GP Arch Magirium Theses Request copies of any submitted A.M. Thesis
360 GP Blessed Book lvl 1 bigger-than-it-appears ritual book
5000 GP Exchequer’s Ledger lvl 10 calculates value within 10 squares
50 GP Ritual Book standard ritual book
25 GP Doctrinal Book – Pelor allows reroll of Religion check related to subject
25 GP Doctrinal Book – Ioun allows reroll of Religion check related to subject
25 GP Doctrinal Book – Bahamut allows reroll of Religion check related to subject
25 GP Doctrinal Book – Erathis allows reroll of Religion check related to subject

*Von Richten’s Guide


Verdant Fields

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