The uppermost layer of the Underdark, in most parts of the world this region is still miles below the lowest of caves known to the surface. Still, those unfortunate surface-dwellers who have made it into the Underdark almost never move past this level. Beneath the Shallows are The Deeps.



Below are portions of the Shallows that the party has had some interaction with or heard stories about.

The Chamber of Light
An entrance in the Ionian hills that was filled with sunlight-magnifying crystals. The hole in the middle of this chamber was dug too deep, though, and leads to a large pit that goes and goes until it eventually drops you in a large underground lake in the Shallows.

A dwarven settlement rumored to be full of crazy dwarves. However, it contains one of the few reliable teleportation circles in the Underdark, as the magics of the underworld seem to warp other attempts at teleportation.

The Hunting Grounds
An area of the Shallows that is rich in fresh water and mushrooms. This makes the site a frequent destination for various tasty things, which means that many predators enjoy hunting here (hence the name). Particularly vicious are the many young dragons that dwell here, though for some reason no older dragons have ever been seen here. But the young ones certainly do enough damage on their own.

Web Drink
A Shallows village of Lolth-bound goblins serving one of the Yochlol Handmaidens, Yaxavanda (who calls herself the Widow Maker). The village used to be a Kuo-Toa settlement devoted to the Abyssal Lord Dagon, but was conquered by the goblins, who try to worship Lolth in their own way (though the Spider Queen herself could probably care less about them).




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