A reflection of the Underdark in the Feywild, the Feydark is smaller but more intense than the prime material version. It’s sort of mid-way between the Shallows & the Deeps, in terms of dangerousness, but looks like neither. Every color and light in the Feydark glows with an unnatural hue, brighter than it ought to be. Colors are just too vibrant, in a way that eats at the back of your mind telling you that things just oughtn’t to look that way.

Fomorians: A hideously ugly race of giants in the Feywild, most Fomorian kingdoms are found in the Feydark. They often have many slaves, including thousands of gnomes & svirfneblin. The largest is the kingdom of Mag Tureah, though the richest (in wealth and slaves) is Inbharann.
Svirfneblin: the Deep Gnomes have several small settlements in the Feydark.
Nightmares of the Underdark: Think of all the awful things in the regular Underdark. Now imagine the things they dream about that make them wake up screaming. Those are the monstrosities you might find in different areas of the Feydark.

Mag Tureah: The largest and strongest (militarily) of Fomorian kingdoms, this realm is centered around a huge iron fortress that was created by unknown creatures, and lay empty after whatever created it abandoned it. Many forces tried to take it, but the labyrinthine corridors in the fortress hid many dark creatures, and they destroyed every force that tried to hold it. Every force, that is, until the great Fomorian king Thrumbolg reached its dark heart, defeated the monsters there, and claimed the fortress as his own (a few decades prior to the Great Cataclysm). Since then, Mag Tureah has maintained his dominance by tricking other fomorian kingdoms into marching on Eladrin cities with (or for) him, and also by making alliances with various factions in the mortal realms. This is aided by the fact that certain archways in the fortress contain permanent portals to the Prime Material plane’s surface. It is even rumored that Thrumbolg used forces from the Hordelands to strike a deal with several demon lords in the assault on Illefarn just after the Great Cataclysm.
Inbharann: A Fomorian kingdom located on a river of gold full of portals to the Underdark, Inbharann is the wealthiest of fomori kingdoms, both in gold and in slaves. The kingdom is a monarchy, though the current fomorian king Donill has been prophesied to die by fire sometime in the next two years or so. No one is sure if this is a threatening false prophesy, an attempt to destabilize his rule, or an actual prediction of the future, but Donill’s many children and generals are nonetheless each quietly preparing for war.
Deadtree Echoes: When the Dawn War destroyed the World Trees, their roots were the last to die. As their passing warped reality and solidified walls between the realms, the trees themselves wept at their own passing, at the dreams they would not see realized. Some of those dreams got twisted as they lingered around the tunnels carved by the Forest Monarchs’ roots, and the Feydark locations known as the “Dead Tree Echoes” are the result. Each of the four original worldtrees has a dark memory/nightmare in the Feydark, and each is uniquely sad and terrifying.



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