Thellas Magirium

Located next to the town of Moonriver in the Feywild (closest Prime Material town is Altair, in Ionia), the Thellas Magirium [elvish for “The People’s School of Magic”] is a school for enchanters and those who wish to study the effects of the Feywild on other magics. The staff is made up of Eladrin and Gnomes, and they are one of the top Enchantment Schools on the continent, attracting students from as far away as Waterdeep, Neverwinter, and even a few from other planes.

The school mascot is a water nymph distracting onlookers from a feymire crocodile. The pillars of academia at this school include Intellect, Cleverness, Creativity, and Judgment. Most students have no problem with the first 3, but spend many years trying to learn appropriate amounts of the fourth. It is said that any feasts involving revelry, drinking, and/or artistic expression are best celebrated at the Thellas Magirium… though those rumors, in and of themselves, may be a form of trickery enacted by students or staff.

There are two sets of dorms for the Thellas Magirium, one on the Feywild side, and one in Altair. Usually first year students, who’re unfamiliar with the ways Feywild exposure can warp your dreams and perceptions, will sleep on the Altair side. There are often those who pretend it doesn’t bother them, though, and the results are often hilarious.

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Thellas Magirium

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