Teleportation Sites

The current list of sites listed in the party’s magical teleportation circle book. By using the Linked Portal ritual (level 8), you can go to any of the locations for which you have a teleportation circle’s “code”.

- Forgehome. Dwarven settlement in the Underdark, 15-20 miles away from the dragon-infested “Hunting Grounds”; and 20-25 miles away from the lolthbound goblin village of Web Drink, which is several miles directly below Altair.

- Mirt’s Home. Mansion in Waterdeep. Though Mirt is now dead, his assistant, Elanna, has taken up his operations, and counts herself among the party’s allies.

- The Empty Aviary. Ravenite facility in SW Coventry, where comatose patients are cared for while waiting for ravens to take them.

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Teleportation Sites

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