Sankh Kingdom

A large nation with many national resources, Sankh is sort of a middle ground ruled peacefully by a wealthy family of merchants. With a mostly human population, there are also a reasonable number of halflings and satyrs here. Sankh’s peaceful policies of diplomacy have lead to many incursions by those of other viewpoints, specifically from nearby Thay and Pax Humana, as well as the many Alliance soldiers that move along the Sankh Kingdom’s northern borders. Needless to say, this is a place where very different viewpoints often come head-to-head.

Capital City: Epyon. A shining city located near the nation’s center, where the Blue River breaks off south from the Great Eastern River. This is the wealthiest city in a very wealthy nation, and the residents tend to have many servants.

Politics: While the Peacecraft family has ruled over the nation in a royal capacity for the past 3 generations, there are many other forces at work behind the scenes. The Romefeller family has strong industry ties and lumber contracts, while the Ozymandius Corporation owns many mining contracts and weapon manufacturing deals. The Darlian family heads a coalition of food suppliers and farmers, while the Barton family holds many delivery contracts. Magic is overseen by a council of the headmasters of several magical academies, all near Epyon. While it is hard not to get caught up in the almost infection peace-loving hope of the Peacecraft family, one also gets the sense that every other powerful figure in Sankh politics would stab everyone else in the face the second the Peacecrafts fell out of power. Oh, and let’s not forget the helpful and often money-laden envoys from Thay and Pax Humana.

Religion: There are a wide variety of religions worshipped in the Sankh Kingdom. One can even find churches to Torm (Pax Humana’s god) and many of the smaller, lesser-known deities. The church of Lathander is fairly big here, among others. War-based churches, like that of Kord, don’t do as well here, but there are certainly shrines to Erathis everywhere that trade and industry thrive.

Military/Flag Colors: The few soldiers of the Sankh Kingdom (most of whom are guards on supply shipments) wear uniforms of light blue and gold. The flag is a light blue field with a golden pair of clasped hands, grasped in a friendship/shake-type gesture.

Places of Interest
St. Ignatius’ School of Summoners. One of the best-known schools for the study of summoning and binding magics. Located 15 miles north of Epyon.

Del Ray’s Academy of Music and Craft. Officially this is a bard school where criminals are often sent for rehabilitation in the arts. Unofficially it’s probably a clearinghouse for various criminals of all sorts, and some of the “bardic” classes might actually be teaching thievery techniques, con artist schemes, illusion magics, etc. The headmaster, the satyr Del Ray, has never been caught doing anything wrong. Then again, a flash of his smile, and who could believe he might be a criminal?

Peacecraft Manor. Located in the woods outside of Epyon, the Peacecraft manor is one of the wealthiest estates anyone has ever heard of. The source of their wealth is a topic of debate among many, though. Officially, they originally were negotiators who brought warring sides together and stopped endless bloodshed. However, there are also rumors that they made a deal with a genie, or found a dragon’s hoard, or found a way to magically create gold, or perhaps have secrets against all the other wealthy families of the nation that they use for blackmail. If one is invited to their home, however, it is said that all other food will cease to have any flavor once you’ve tasted the work of their master chefs, that any other pillow will feel like a coarse stone after you’ve laid your head upon their pillows, etc.

Melora’s Womb. The western end of the Great Eastern River is fed by the massive lake known as Melora’s Womb. It is said that these waters are infused with life, and many sick and elderly travel here to try and soak-up that life energy.

Verge Wilderness. To the northwest, these dark woods are almost never entered, for they are full of many horrid creatures and energies. Much of the Sankh Kingdom’s small military force is focused in small barracks along the border with the Verge Wilderness.

Great Barrier Peaks. To the northeast, this is the massive mountain range separating the Alliance from the Hordelands. Some Sankh Kingdom scholars and merchants have been known to have dealings with different populations within the mountain region.



Sankh Kingdom

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