Below is the list of possible feats that may be randomly rolled. If you roll a feat you already have, roll again. If you roll a racial feat, you may select any feat specific to your race (Note if you’re half-elf, you can also choose human or elf feats; if you’re a half-orc, you can also choose Human feats). If there are no possible feats for your race (or if you already have all of them), roll again. We’ll have the Compendium open while we roll this, so you can see what each feat does then.

Random Feats

roll 2d20

02 Weapon Proficiency (some weapon you aren’t already proficient with)
03 Heat Adaptation
04 Snake Blooded
05 Cold Adaptation
06 Wasteland Wanderer
07 Swift Recovery (if not trained in Endurance, reroll)
08 Terrain Advantage
09 Wilderness Skirmisher
10 Stormhawk’s Vengeance
11 Iron Will
12 Lightning Reflexes
13 Great Fortitude
14 Improved Defenses
15 racial feat
16 Durable
17 Eager Advance
18 Linguist
19 Skill Training (some skill you don’t have)
20 Skill Focus (some skill you’re trained in
21 Stoneroot’s Endurance
22 Tainted Wounds
23 Winter Walker
24 Executioner of Undeath
25 Ghost Eyes (if Wis is lower than 13, reroll)
26 Unfailing Vigor
27 Strike and Shove
28 Battlewise
29 Rapid Assault
30 Nimble Runner
31 Low Crawl
32 Focused Mind
33 Impending Victory
34 Battle Hardened
35 Timely Respite
36 Armor Finesse
37 Alertness
38 Aggressive Advantage
39 Born of Shadow
40 racial feat



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