Paragon Classes

When you hit level 11, you’ll get the chance to take a paragon class. In general, this is a chance to specialize and hone your identity as a hero. Some of these classes have prerequisites that you might want to start prepping yourself for in earlier levels (with feats, attribute distribution, power selection, etc). There are hundreds of possibilities for paragon classes. Most are based on your base class, though there are a few that are race-based as well. I’ve gone through and cherry-picked the ones that I think best match your characters, though of course there are many other options. I’ll be updating this page frequently as I go through more books (or more books are published). Below are my suggestions, along with prerequisites and paths you might want to take to get to these paragon classes. Sometimes there might also be an outside group that sponsors folks who take these paragon classes, too, but we can work that into the narrative of your stories as you decide which direction you’ll be headed in.


Deva Cleric (warpriest) of Raven Queen

Ancestral Incarnate (PHB2)
You more deeply connect to your past lives and destinies.
Prerequisites: Deva
Trends: high Wis
Angelic Avenger (PHB1)
You become a war angel, eventually gaining a daily flight power.
Prerequisites: cleric
Trends: high Str & Wis
Compassionate Healer (Divine Power)
You risk yourself to become a more efficient healer.
Prerequisites: cleric
Trends: High HP, lots of healing surges, high Wis
Devout Warpriest (Heroes of the Fallen Lands)
Basic extension of the Essentials warpriest class. Nothing too special here.
Prerequisites: warpriest, have a chosen domain
Exorcist of the Silver Flame (Eberron Players Guide)
You are a slayer of demons, devils, and undead.
Prerequisites: any divine class, other prereq is Eberron-specific, so we’ll skip it
Trends: High Wis, fire powers, decent Cha bonus
Holy Emissary (Divine Power)
You are the voice of the gods in this world.
Prerequisites: cleric
Trends: high Wis
Miracle Worker (Divine Power)
You are a specialized super-healer.
Prerequisites: cleric, trained in Heal
Trends: high Wis, lots of healing powers
Paragon of Victory (Dragon 400)
A master of battle tactics.
Prerequisites: cleric
Trends: good at-will powers, good melee basic attack
Ravenkin (Heroes of Shadow)
The Raven Queen sends a shadowy raven familiar to guide you.
Prerequisites: any arcane class
Trends: High Wis or Cha, multiclass feat into Wiz, Sorc, or Bard
Soul Guide (Manual of the Planes)
You are the bane of undead, and a guide for dead souls seeking what is next.
Prerequisites: cleric
Trends: High Wis, decent Cha bonus
Tactical Warpriest (PHB1)
Bringing divine vengeance in the middle of combat.
Prerequisites: cleric
Trends: high Str or Wis, good melee combat powers
Truthseeker (Divine Power)
You slay foes that delight in deception.
Prerequisites: cleric
Trends: high Wis, high Insight


Tiefling Chaos Sorcerer

Arcane Wellspring (PHB2)
You embody the source of your power, gaining second elemental resistance/damage.
Prerequisites: sorcerer
Trends: high Cha

Paragon Classes

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