Nueva Turotha

In the almost thousand years since Bael Turoth was destroyed in the Great Cataclysm, Tieflings have not found friends among many races. Sure, there are plenty of individual tieflings who have found success in other lands with other people, but in general the tieflings’ blood ties to demons and devils have made them a default villain in many other societies. However, the tieflings are a strong and proud people, and they have reforged a nation for themselves: Nueva Turotha.

Located in the southwestern area of the continent, the land of this nation is mostly mountainous, with a few areas of dense forests.

Locations of Note
Azazalia: Capital City of the nation. Home of the Council of 6, a parliament of 6 rulers taken from the 6 great surviving families of Bael Turoth.



Nueva Turotha

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