Mawaiian Islands

These isolated islands are home to the Half-Elven kingdom of Evereska. Some of the smaller islands are home to smaller human tribes, though there has been a lot of cross-breeding with elvish blood, so there are very few full-blooded humans left.

Long ago, the Mawaiian Islands were sparsely populated by native human tribes. Then, around 500 AC or so, a strange white mist appeared around the islands and Elves started washing up on shore. They were confused and unclear of what was going on, but they talked about a great battle with elemental forces in Myth Drannor. As near as any historians can tell, there must have been some sort of time shift that happened in Myth Drannor during the attack. All of the elves were weak, elderly and children, and likely set adrift in the time stream as a protective measure of some sort. Isolated as they were from the rest of the world, the human tribesmen didn’t understand that Myth Drannor had fallen 500 years in the past, and simply cared for the wounded as best they could. Eventually the elven children grew, cross-breeding with the humans, and after 490 years or so, they have become strong and founded their own nation, combining the magical powers of the elves with the physical sturdiness of the humans.

There have been a few historical expeditions to the Mawaiian Islands, though they have met with mixed success. The seas are quite turbulent in that area, and the Mawaiians’ isolation has made them suspicious of outsiders. They have some control over or deal with some large sea creatures, too (or perhaps alliances with undersea kingdoms?), which makes unwanted ships strangely likely to sink.

There still exist rumors that these islands may hold some hidden trove of ancient Myth Drannan artifacts (not to mention possible accounts of what actually happened there), though, so historians and treasure-hunters alike still try to put together new expeditions every so many years.


Mawaiian Islands

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