This letter arrives, rolled up as a small scroll, via owl, to Nikolai, just after the fight with the Unknown Soldier ends in Dambrath.

Dear Mr. Nikolai,

Like you told me, I went to Oakenfold to practice music stuff. There’s a really nice druid lady named Mrs. Yu, and she says its good to branch out into other interests, not just the ones we’re good at. So even though I was scared cuz drum was the only thing I thought I’d be good at, now she’s got me practicing flute, and there are birds that she tells to sing with me so I can learn to play better. I wanted to say again how awful sorry I am about my brothers hurting the elves. If Ida known I would have stopped em, but I wasn’t smart enough or fast enough. Sorry again.

How are you? Mrs. Yu says that her magic bird will find you if you are anywhere in the world. I sure hope you didn’t get killed in caves or the Underdark. If you did, I’ll write a song for you when I get better at playing flute.

Oh, and Mr. Gilraith is prolly gonna be mayor soon. They’re having a special election, cause the old mayor got burnt up and all, and Mr. Gilraith is the one everybody says is gonna win. I think he’d be a good mayor, even though I can’t vote yet. You should totally vote for him, though, if you’re still alive and stuff.

Okay, I gotta go practice more. Thanks again for stopping the bad elves and fixing the mess-ups my brothers did.

-Axeblood Steelshovel

Below that scrawled handwriting is another note in a much neater hand… a hand that has likely known proper script for many, many years. What’s weird about the second part is that it does not appear to be written in ink… but rather pigmented from whatever wood the paper is made of. It’s likely some druid thing, you imagine…

Heroes of Altair, I hope this message finds you well. Young Axeblood is a sweet boy, so please rest assured that he is being cared for here. My pixie scouts and squirrel allies have not been able to find you nearby, so I imagine your journey has taken you some ways away. If possible, I would like it very much if you could come see me when you return to the area. I have recently suffered a robbery which may have serious consequences, and while the stolen item will not be needed for at least 4 more moons, it is still imperative that it be returned to me. Titus came to visit me after the Featherin wedding, and he told me that you six reminded him of his own band of miscreants, back when they started. I trust his judgment, and hope that you can help me in this task. Please seek me out when you return to the Altair region, and please keep discussion of my request as private as you can. There are certain aspects of it that I cannot even write about, but which I’m sure you’ll understand once you speak with me in person. I thank you in advance for your help. Screecher will wait for your reply, if you choose to send one, though please allow him to hunt and rest for at least a night before sending him back. Thank you again.

Mother Yew, Druid of Oakenfold

The owl which delivered this is a barn owl, and he looks at you quizzically.

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