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One of the oldest settlements in Ionia, the city of Ironhammer dates back 649 years, when an ancestor of the (former) King Bator Ironhammer founded the town as a mining community. The settlement is located in the side of Ferrous Mountain of Western Ionia, and extends into the many caves within and beneath the mountain.

There are many veins near the city, predominantly iron, but also gold, silver, and mithril. The town is about 80% dwarf, with most of the rest being humans or goliaths.

The Ironhammer clan has always been strong in the city, though many other Dwarven families and unions also thrive there. Currently the city is full of a lot of right-wing dwarven political ideas. There are many here who still believe that King Ironhammer is still out there somewhere, either trapped or fighting evil in another dimension, and that he will return triumphantly (possibly when the current King Imperius dies and Ionia is in need of another great ruler).

Points of interest

The Walls of Ironhammer
Over the years, the dwarves of Ironhammer have built up the city’s defenses to intimidating proportions. Not that they fear attack from anyone… but it’s a matter of principle that a dwarven city have good, solid walls. “It’d be easier to topple the walls of Ironhammer” is a local phrase used to describe something that is impossible.

The Chamber of Crumbled Valor
Around 850 AC (a few years prior to Bator Ironhammer becoming King), a black dragon mother and her brood came up through the caves beneath the city from the Underdark. Where ever they went, decay and swamplike conditions spread around them. Dwarves fought valiantly against them, but the monsters were too strong. In a final stand before their corruption was to breach the city walls, Garm Ironhammer (Bator’s father) lead the last of the defenders (along with young Bator) to do battle with the dragons in a large cavern just beneath the city. When it became clear that they were losing, he summoned elemental powers and smashed his hammer to the ground, shaking the chamber and burying all in stalagtites and other falling debris. The dragons were killed, as were Garm and most of the dwarves there. Bator survived, though, and many say the loss of his father in such a heroic sacrifice helped him to attain the throne a few years later.

Since that time, the chamber has been cleaned out and dedicated as a sacred spot, commemorating the lives lost there. The Church of the Raven Queen has a small temple there, overseen by the ancient dwarven priest Amaranth Cairn. As a result of the swamp/decay magics of the dragons and the crumbling of rock in Garm’s final fight, the cavern is now also uniquely geologically situated to grow mushrooms, and Amaranth does a decent trade in those to supplement the meager tithes he gets from the few dwarves who frequent his shrine.

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