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A town of about 20-30,000 in the central area. Originally a rest stop about 2 miles south of Alexandria, Illika has grown into a fully-functioning suburb, with all the trade and cultural benefits of the capital without the beaurocracy and huge size.

Mayor: Hamish Peterson, a half-dwarf/half-human male of about 50 years. He’s well-liked by most, and known to enjoy a good feast. He often makes a point of entertaining famous guests who are on their way to Alexandria.
NOTE: half-dwarves are sometimes called Muls (pronounced “mule”), but never to their faces, as it’s considered a derogatory term. While rare, they still prefer the term “half-dwarf”.

A lot of travel and support industries for Alexandria. There are many inns of exceptional size, banquet facilities, etc. Also, a good number of couriers, carriage companies, and other travel-related groups headquarter here (where taxes are slightly less than in Alexandria itself).

Much of Illika’s culture is an off-shoot of things going on in Alexandria. They have fielded a competitive team of Wyvern Jousters for the past 20 years in the Alexandrian Open, though the best their competitors have finished was a second-place win 4 years ago.

Other points of interest
Children of Morn. Illika is said to have a fairly active criminal element, though they are kept in-check by a leadership that seems fairly wise. A group known as the Children of Morn is said to be the largest group-of-questionable-business-dealings in the city, though their leader is known only as “Mother”, and has yet to be identified by authorities (who may or may not want to find him/her, depending on the size of pay-offs and other perks officials may or may not be receiving).
The Hollow Swamp. Located to the south of Illika, this swamp is fairly dense, and known to naturalists as a place where the will-o-wisps actually wail, which is odd for such creatures. Its relative inaccessibility has prevented exhaustive study of the beings, as have the various other swamp denizens that are always eager for a snack.

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