Sort of a mix between Tolkien’s hobbits and the Dragonlance Kender, Halflings are a populous people who love food and merriment. Not as tied to magic and the feywild as their cousins the gnomes, halflings are a very folksy people who are likely to be farmers, brewers, cooks, and stablehands. Population-wise, halflings are second-most-numerous of the civilized humanoid races (behind humans).

“In Halfling mythology, there are three great happinesses: the happiness of a full belly, the happiness of hairy feet upon a table, and…” the third one is often debated, and frequently depends on whatever the most obvious current happiness happens to be (in fact, it’s a common halfling blessing to say the above quote, and add in “happiness of a blessed wedding” or “happiness of comrades like you” or whatever else is appropriate for the occasion.

Halflings are known for their ability to down most any alcohol. They are also possessed of incredibly discerning tongues, making them excellent chefs and food critics. Any halfling adventurer you run into will likely have many seasoned herbs with his gear, and likely know which wild plants to use to enhance flavors further. Halflings the world over have an immense respect for the Featherin family, who have successfully merged dwarven ale and elvish feywine, and there are numerous competitions among halfling groups to create similar hybrid and new foods & drinks.

As adventurers, Halflings use their size to their advantage. Possessed of metabolisms which somehow allow them to never appear obese, these little guys take joy in dodging the clumsy assaults of large foes. They have a pronounced wanderlust as well, taking joy in seeking out adventure (and new foods) over each new horizon.

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