Great Plains

Roughly a cross between the great plains of the US, the open outback of Australia, and the vast plains of Africa, the area known in this world as the Great Plains is a vast mixture of wide savannahs, some mesas, and wide river deltas. The weather is known to come on fast and furious here, as are the predators. Civilizations here are mostly in small villages or wandering tribes. There is no universal government here, but there are great tribal leaders who sometimes make decisions for the region. This area is also home to the highest population of Shamanic religious traditions.

“Civilized” Races
Though much of this region is untamed, there are many humanoids who can be found here. Humans are numerous (as they are everywhere), though many have darker skin tones here. Some wild elves have also adapted to the plains, as have a number of wilden and shifter tribes. As can be expected in realms with humans and elves, there are also half-elves here, though the separation of cultures makes their cross-parentage harder to deal with, and they usually choose one culture over the other. There are also feral tribes of lizardmen, and a number of less-common races that nonetheless have some sort of civilization to them… like the bird races of the kenku and aarokakra. There are even reports that at one time a race of winged elves may have lived in these lands, but they went extinct long ago.

Monsters & Animals
The plains have any number of wild animals you might see on a nature show about Africa… large cats, elephants, giraffes, gazelles, etc. There are also large lizards like crocodiles & monitor lizards. Many larger fantastical birds also live here (think of the evolutionary link between dinosaurs & birds), as well as a large number of scattered gnoll and bugbear tribes. Wyverns frequently hunt in flocks, though they are quickly scattered by the dragons of the plains, which tend to be somewhat smaller and faster than their chromatic and metallic cousins (though Iounic scholars have yet to publish any definitive works describing these types of dragons).

The Great Plains are the largest collection of people who do not worship gods or primordials, as such. Instead they tend to venerate the many various spirits of nature, sometimes called Kami, for all of their divine needs. Shaman make up the majority of the divine-type characters in the Great Plains, though druids are also well-respected. Many adherents to this Kami-religion, known by various names, see the gods and primordials as particularly powerful Kami.

Locations of Note
Avandra’s Plateau: Located just west of the Great Plains, the journey to this site is a pilgrimage for many followers of the Goddess of Hope & Change.

Kerath-Ald: A floating earthmote, site of Ioun’s Final Library, the holiest of Iounic sites. This earth mote is usually found floating somewhere over the Great Plains, though it has been known to wander. More info about this site can be found on the Religion page

Mount Unjaru: Said to be many miles tall, there are rumors that anyone who climbs to the top may speak directly to any skybound Kami (or gods) and be heard. Of course, the mountain itself is home to so many dangers that reaching the top is something just about nobody ever does. There is one area of the mountain where storms rage constantly, another that is a constant blizzard, another that may be a perpetual landslide, and another region where every stone edge is as sharp as a blade.

Port of Good Hope: the only true city in the Great Plains, this metropolis would rival Waterdeep in size, were it not for the frequent and violent fighting that keeps the population under check. Various Warlords from different parts of the plains, as well as some Tribal leaders, have gathered together to try and make as much as they can in this large port city. Throw in the many pirate captains who frequent the ports, and you can get a sense of why this city is so unstable. It is said that the city originally formed at the will of an ancient Dragon Turtle who lives in the undersea caves nearby. Some of the local shaman say this creature is actually a huge Kami that controls the ocean’s rage. In general, though, the warring among humanoid factions is always stopped, out of respect/fear, when a large storm upsets the seas. This city has a general feel similar to Somalia in that Blackhawk Down movie.


Great Plains

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