Hometown of: Nikolai

Dwarves are very efficient, and many of the industrious dwarves of the west have even formed unions. Unfortunately for the non-dwarves, the rules of those unions tend to favor dwarves. Also, they’re pretty fierce about competition. But where 3 dwarven unions might be in competition with one another, they’ll all team up against a non-dwarven group that tries to muscle-in.

After many failed attempts at starting businesses in dwarf-controlled areas, many of the non-dwarven miners got together and found an old mountain that the dwarves had abandoned due to too much monster infestation in the caves. They began mining there, and actually found some decent veins. Thus was born the town of Free Minecraft.

The Free Miners do well enough for themselves for the most part. Of course, there are still lots of monsters in the mines and caves beneath the mines, so they can’t be as efficient as the dwarves since they need at least 2-3 guards with every mining crew. But they struggle to make it in this dwarf-dominated economy, and they do well enough that the town has grown to almost 200 people in the 30 years since its founding. Miners are mostly second-generation now, with their third-generation kids picking up shovels & axes every day. The town will welcome those who can’t make it in the “dwarflands” (the name they use for all other mines), but are wary and guarded around any dwarves who happen by. Not that any self-respecting dwarf would go to a place that can’t see the wisdom and sense in dwarven mining unions.

Dragonborn Clans

While the philosophy of the town of Free Minecraft was one of avoiding Dwarven Unions, other political groups nonetheless exist. The town has 3 major dragonborn “clans”, which are treated like families, though no blood relation is required. More like political groupings with familial pride and bonds.

The Orginazitsiya… Basically the dragonborn equivalent of the Russian Mob. They have strong anti-tiefling sentiments, and are responsible for a great deal of the anti-tiefling literature in circulation throughout the western half of the continent. There is no official Orginazitsiya presence in Free Minecraft, but most dragonborn have heard or read their propaganda, and some even believe it. They are more of a silent presence in town, as members (or the pawns of members) were responsible for the town receiving free schoolbooks (which, of course, had very anti-tiefling biases), and it’s also rumored that they may have been behind some of the loans that some of the founders took out to create the mines that now keep the town alive.

Clan Hammerwing… The Hammerwings intentionally distance themselves from anything having to do with the Orginazitsiya and their ideals, and as a result they have a few unusual traits and outlooks in comparison to other dragonborn – especially that they have a more tolerant viewpoint when it comes to tieflings.

Clan Vitriol… The first clan to speak up when dragonborn rights are being trampled upon, many members of this clan tend to breath acid or poison (though that’s probably just a coincidence). Vitriolics do appreciate skill, though, and are happy to praise those of any (non-tiefling) race who excel in what they do (so long as it can be proven they didn’t cheat).

Clan Platinum Scales… A clan of dragonborn who frequently speak of how great it is to be dragonborn, how awesome Bahamut is, and how amazing the kingdom of Arkhosia was. A bit full-of-themselves, the ‘Scales are still generally good folk. Many in this clan believe that a new Arkhosia will come in the future, and some have even written letters to King Imperius asking that he either turn Ionia into that New Arkhosia, or that he lead the dragonborn to found it somewhere else. The palace has not, as far as anyone knows, responded to these letters. But they get a lot of mail, so maybe they just haven’t read them yet…

People Around Town

Darren Harvison… male human. Current Speaker for the town of Free Minecraft. There are many who feel that this position is more of a stepping stone for him, though, as his political ambition is great.

Draego Vronski… male dragonborn. The head of the Free Minecraft guards. One of the founders of the town, Draego has been protecting miners from monsters for more than 30 years. In his 50s, Draego is not seen on regular patrols so much, but has a general aura of respect where ever he goes in town. If monsters attack, he will still lead the squad to slaughter them. There are rumors that, in his youth, something from the caves or Underdark killed someone very dear to Draego, but none are brave/foolish enough to bring it up in his presence. A warrior through and through, Draego draws very clear lines between the civilized, who should live, and everything else, which should not.

Khariton… male dragonborn, bard, lame. As his uncle (Ludmil) was one of the more vocal members among those who founded the community of Free Minecraft (and their first elected Speaker), it’s no surprise that Ludmil found his way into a storytelling profession. The cave-in that both killed Ludmil and crippled Khariton also rather limited Khariton’s employment options, so he now makes his way entertaining miners at the taverns and telling tales of valour to the kids. It’s a good job, and Khariton is a pretty decent guy, though after a few drinks his bitterness about the accident and a few theories about Union spies sent to cause the cave-in will start to come out. Clan: Hammerwing

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