A quick reference for existing feats that you might want to look into.

Weapon/Implement Proficiency Feats

These used to be pretty basic numerical bonuses to attacks (+1 for heroic tier, +2 for paragon, +3 for epic), then the Essentials line came out, which added kickers to a lot of the feats. Then a Dragon magazine article gave a lot of love to feat & implement users.

Axe Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ axes, reroll one “1” result on damage die each attack
Bludgeon Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ hammer or mace, +1 square of forced movement on hit
Bow Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ bows, +1/2/3 dam vs enemies w/ no creatures adjacent
Crossbow Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ crossbows, ignore partial/superior cover w/ crossbows
Flail Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ flails, change “slide” to “knock prone” on flail melee attacks
Heavy Blade Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ heavy blade, +2 def vs. OAs when wielding h.blade
Holy Symbol Expertise +1/2/3 imp att w/ holy symbols, when you make hol.sym. att, you can’t grant CA till start of your next turn (unless you use power that specifically states that you grant CA)
Ki Focus Expertise +1/2/3 imp att w/ki foci, +1/2/3 dam vs. bloodied enemies w/ ki focus
Light Blade Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ l.blades, +1/2/3 dam on l.blade att v. CA
Orb Expertise +1/2/3 imp att w/ orbs, +1 sq. forced movement on orb powers
Pick Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ picks, +1/2/3 dam vs foes that are bigger than you
Polearm Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ polearms, +2 def vs. charge attacks while wielding polearm
Rod Expertise +1/2/3 imp att w/ rod, +1 shield bonus to AC when wielding rod
Sling Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ sling, no OA provoked from sling ranged attacks
Spear Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ spears, +1/2/3 damage to charge attacks w/ spear
Staff Expertise +1/2/3 weap & imp att w/ staff, +1 reach w/ staff melee, no OA provoked from ranged/area attacks w/ staff
Tome Expertise +1/2/3 imp att w/ tomes, conjurations & summonings make adj enemies grant CA (unless they’re immune to fear)
Totem Expertise +1/2/3 imp att w/ totems, ignore partial cover & partial concealment w/ tome attacks
Two-Handed Weapon Expertise +1/2/3 att w/ 2-handed weapons, +1/2/3 dam on 2h weap charges
Wand Expertise +1/2/3 imp att w/ wand, ignore partial/superior cover w/ wand attacks

Devout Protector Expertise +1/2/3 weap & imp att w/ 1-handed melee weapons & holy symbols. When you use shield, adj. allies gain +1 shield bonus to AC.
Mighty Crusader Expertise +1/2/3 weap & imp att w/ 2-handed melee weapons & holy symbols. While holding 2-handed melee, ranged & area att w/ holy symbol don’t provoke OA.
War Wizard Expertise +1/2/3 arcane imp, weap, & basic att w/ light or heavy blade. Att vs. allies take -5 penalty.
White Lotus Dueling Expertise +1/2/3 arcane & basic att w/ any weap or imp with which you have proficiency. Also, gain prof w/ orbs, rods, staffs, or wands.
Versatile Expertise +1/2/3 weap & imp att w/ one weapon type & one implement type.
NOTE: If you’d rather not take a “weapliment” feat, here’s a list of items that function both as weapons and implements.

Defense-Boosting Feats

These will boost one or more of your defenses. Some have prerequisites, and several have additional “kickers” they give you as well.

Unarmored Agility +2 AC while in Cloth or no armor
Defensive Mobility +2 AC vs Opportunity Attacks
Improved Defenses +1/2/3 Fort, Ref, Will
Great Fortitude +2/3/4 Fortitude
Superior Fortitude REQ:STR15 or CON15 +2/3/4 Fortitude, resist 3/6/9 ongoing
Lightning Reflexes +2/3/4 Reflex
Superior Reflex REQ:DEX15 or INT 15 +2/3/4 Reflex, CA vs all enemies on your 1st turn
Iron Will +2/3/4 Will
Superior Will REQ:WIS15 or CHA15 +2/3/4 Will, extra save at start of turn vs Daze/Stun, even if save doesn’t normally end that effect
Frozen Soul REQ:CON13 or WIS13 +1/2/3 Will, and resist 5/10/15 cold
Leafy Soul [CUSTOM] REQ:CON13 or WIS13 +1/2/3 Will, and resist 5/10/15 poison

Hit Point & Save Feats

Toughness +5/10/15 HP
Durable +2 max healing surges
Resilient Focus +2 saving throws
Swift Recovery REQ:Trained Endurance +3 to Healing Surge value

Energy Resistance Feats

There are other race-specific energy resistance feats, but these are the ones that’re open to everyone.
Heat Adaptation Resist 5/10/15 Fire
Cold Adaptation Resist 5/10/15 Cold
Frozen Soul REQ:CON13 or WIS13 +1/2/3 Will, and resist 5/10/15 cold
Snake Blooded Resist 5 Poison, +2 save vs poison effects
Poison Adaptation Resist 5/10/15 Poison



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