Fantastic Materials


In this fantasy world of magic and dragons, there are a great many materials that are not existent in our regular world. Some of these have specific uses in magical formulae, while others are useful for creating specific items of power. Here are some bits you might know about some of them, though a hefty Arcana check is probably required to be able to use them effectively:

Adamantium. Also “Adamantine”. The hardest metal known to mortals. This metal can hold the sharpest of edges. Many who work with this metal prefer to shape it with force magic in their forges, since it’s hard to find tools hard enough to properly work this ore. Adamantium

Crystals. Different crystals have different specific properties that make them useful in particular rituals. But in general, the crystalline matrix design is handy for storing energy… be it psionic power, memories, souls, or arcane might. Sometimes the facets are also used to either enhance or dissipate energy directed at the crystal. This is why what the archmage Malachi did with the Matrix of Stability is so fascinating and impossible… because it is the one instance of a crystal structure actually converting one kind of energy into another (chaos into law). Unless of course he got it wrong and the massive crystal structure is just slowly storing that energy up, allowing it to build. But that’d be ridiculous.

Dragon Scales. Taken from the body of a dead dragon, the scales of a dragon are often used to make superior armors, including those that resist energy types related to the dragon they were taken from (cold from white scales, fire from red, etc). Certain dragon scales are also worn as a sign that the wearer is badass enough to have killed a dragon (but not huge enough to hang that dragon’s claw from his necklace).

Dream Stone. Harvested from dreams that manifest in the feywild, this material is more conceptual stone than actual stone. If you’re having a dream, and you appear to be standing on or touching something solid, it’s actually dreamstone that you’re touching. Only a very few powerful fey witches know the ritual to extract this stuff, but it is said that if you’re ever having a dream and you suddenly end up falling, it’s because someone managed to extract that dreamstone out of your dream. Once extracted, Dreamstone is very useful in spells & enchantments that involve the mind, dreams, and blurring perceptions of reality.

Mithril. also “Mithral”. Said to originate as grey mists in the Feywild, this substance eventually solidifies into a super shiny silvery metal in the deepest veins of the Prime Material Plane (some theorize that Mithral is just a manifestation of the dreams of generations of dwarves). This metal is more durable and steadfast than most, and armor made from it can withstand the mightiest of blows while protecting the wearer from much of the damage.

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Fantastic Materials

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