East Coast Avengers

When the undead uprising in Coventry began, Akara was made field commander of all the Avengers of the Raven Queen on the eastern part of the continent. This magical list keeps track of their life status.

Of the 21 originally assigned to aide Akara in defending the High Lords of Coventry, only 6 remain living. 3 others are still on assignment elsewhere in the eastern part of the continent.
Volcania Glass. A shardmind wanderer, she is currently defending the Ionian Embassy in Brakana, Coventry.
Giuiliana Underhand. A halfling mistress, currently defending the Ionian Embassy in Brakana, Coventry.
Laughingtooth. A male gnoll corpse-gatherer, currently defending the Ionian Embassy in Brakana, Coventry.
Noir. A shade assassin, she is currently guarding the psionically-gifted, hunter-training High Lord Kane Dixon, somewhere in Brakana.
Kelsier. A half-elf revolutionary, he is currently guarding High Lord Fingleworth Occident somewhere in Brakana.
Drucilla Guttersnipe. A drow informant, she’s currently guarding High Lord Jonas Jax & his wife, somewhere in Brakana.
Gruumshson Scythemore. Orc medicine man, on assignment in Orcish territory north of The Line.
Captain Deimos. human mariner, on assignment in waters near Umbria.
Ehren Slive. halfling mercenary, on deep-cover assignment in Travailia.

Other Avenger Souls
It’s worth noting that the party also has magical containers (taken from Valindra’s supplies on the airship) that hold the souls of dead RQ Avengers Bernard Latimer and Sikel. Sikel’s soul isn’t really intact anymore… as it was being used as fuel for the Boneforged you fought, but releasing either of them may require sitting down and doing some ritual work, once you have a chance to relax and breath (you know, after the world stops falling apart). Many other dead RQ Avenger souls were haunting the Gortonsalt Estate until the airship stopped stealing departing souls, but they’ve likely moved on now that the party is in control of the airship.

Other RQ Persons
Father Amaranth Cairn. Dwarven cleric of the Raven Queen, currently serving as the Ionian Ambassador in Coventry, where he’s defending the Embassy in Brakana against undead incursions. He was Akara’s mentor when she first reincarnated this lifetime.
Mother Superior Mary Eunice. Eladrin high priest of Raven Queen, currently defending the Empty Aviary (where comatose patients are cared for) from the undead in eastern Coventry. She was the head of RQ Avengers in the eastern region, but passed that duty on to Akara when it became clear she’d be unable to adequately lead while defending the Aviary.

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East Coast Avengers

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